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Repco Eclipse Ceramic (SiO₂) Polish 5L $70 & More Eclipse 5L Range Discounted + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Repco


Hi All,

Stumbled on these yesterday - be aware they are on clearance so availability will vary - please don't neg the deal if your local doesn't have stock but the savings on them is worth checking any nearby Repco stores.

Repco has the 5 litre range of their own Eclipse range heavily reduced, unsure of the original pricing on these but when you compare them to the smaller sizes they're incredibly good value e.g Ceramic Polish [email protected]$70 vs [email protected]$25.

I've not used these products but from the instore and also available online reviews they're quite good performers & comparable to many other non-premium auto brands e.g ArmorAll, TurtleWax.

The 5L range on special that I can find is as follows:
Eclipse Ceramic Polish 5L $70 - 473ml is $25
Eclipse Extra Dirty 4WD and Truck Wash 5L $30 - No smaller sizes
Eclipse Multi-Purpose Cleaner 5L $20 - 473ml is $9
Eclipse Hyper Foam 5L $22 - 2L is $25
Eclipse Hyper Colour Wheel Cleaner 5L $45 - kit with 473ml + gel is $30
Eclipse Glass Cleaner 5L $20 - 473ml is $9
Eclipse Wash & Wax 5L $17 - 2L is $15

Limited reviews on the 5L range but the smaller sizes generally have plenty of pretty positive reviews. e.g Here's the 500ml of the Ceramic Polish

All are showing as instock and available for pickup at my local Repco (Coffs harbour) so hopefully you can find as well :-)

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    the Hyper Foam 5L looks like a great buy my pre-wash - but I believe pH neutral products are best for preserving finishes.

    Somebody answered a Q&A here that the pH of this is 7.5-8.5, so not neutral.

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    Bit misleading to call it a polish. It's a sealant.

  • How do you apply this to your car?

    • On the Repco page it says Simply spray on and hose off.

      It looks like it was $145 before…

      • the reviews note an alternative way to achieve better results

  • Same as this? https://www.meguiars.com.au/product/hybrid-ceramic-wax/

    Will probably last about 50 years in a 5 L bottle… :-)

    • different product. According to review someone used around 250ml of the Repco Eclipse to do a whole car. Good for 3+ months before another quick spray required to keep it slick and shiny.

  • seems expensive

  • Wheel cleaner reviews are pretty dismal unfortunately, when ch us disappointing. Would have got a 5litre


    • 3.7 out of 5 is dismal? Especially when you consider that statistically folks tend to over report when they don't like a product vs like it.

      • If you look at the 5 litre then a single 5 star review which rates it as good or better than Bowden's Wheely Clean.

        If it is any good it is a bargain price compared to what you pay on for any of the "iron remove" type wheel cleaners. Still debating whether to take the punt.

  • Eclipse Hyper Foam 5L $22

    Thanks OP. I've never used this brand of foam but the price is right so I'll give it a go.

  • Anyone want to share a bottle of Eclipse Ceramic Polish 5L. Eastern suburbs in VIC.

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