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[Refurb, eBay Plus] Sony WF1000XM4B (Seconds^) Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $231.57 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Sony dropped the price yesterday. Stack with the 7% discount code today and eBay gift card for more savings.

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    Oooh, Tempting
    Now are these the ear wax specials. Kind of put off by the stories of poor battery life though for the refurbished ones :(

    • I bought refurb of these a while ago for around $270. No issues with battery life or earwax however the medium sized left ear tip was already worn and just starting to rip, had to be replaced within a few months. luckily the larger ear tip fit better. Also the case hinge has a bit of wiggle but nothing bad. At this price I would definently buy even if the battery life is worn as they last 8hrs anyway.

      • stock tip isnt great anyway. but yeah.

    • Mine lasts over 7 hours on a full charge. There's a setting you need to disable (DSEE Extreme) to do this. Most people don't know and leave it on - be lucky to get a couple of hours with it otherwise.

  • Decent sound quality for buds, but I find this much more finnicky to connect to devices than my Bose QCIIs. Often I would get one bud connecting but not the other! Very frustrating. YMMV

    • using it for more than 4 month now, i dont use it that often but maybe only once that happened, and it connects immediately after.

    • I've never had that happen with the Sony. I had the Bose before and they were rock solid for connection.

  • +3

    It's $299 @ Amazon so maybe it's worth paying the extra $68 from the earwax or degraded battery.

  • If you want to price match locally Myer has them for $319 atm

    • Why would you that when you can price match Amazon @ Sony for $299 with free delivery, and wait for either SB or CR 8% cashback?

      • Yeah you can do that for refurbished, i'm mentioning about brand new ones

        • I was also talking about brand new ones.

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