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[eBay Plus] 7% off Eligible Items (Max $100 off) e.g. (Box Damaged) Sony XR55X90J $1329, XR65X90J $1599 Delivered @ eBay


New 7% off code this week. The T&Cs page is broken. The app shows max $100 off. The popup description shows:

Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 24/05/2022. Terms and conditions apply.

Seems to work at the Sony store and a few camera stores that I watched.

  • Sony XR55X90J (Box Damaged^) 55" X90J BRAVIA XR Full Array 4K UHD HDR Google TV $1329 delivered.
  • Sony XR65X90J (Box Damaged^) X90J BRAVIA XR LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $1599 Delivered.
    Box Damaged^ is defined

    AS NEW: This item may have damaged carton. It is an unused & undamaged item in its original packaging.

  • Sony XR65X90J (Seconds^) 65" X90J BRAVIA XR LED 4K UHD HDR Smart TV $1496 Delivered.

  • Sony XR55A80J (Seconds^) 55" A80J BRAVIA XR OLED 4K UHD HDR Smart TV $1799 Delivered.

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  • Sony XR55X90J $1329, great value and even better TV…..love this Sony….I paid $1,650 for this with 5 years warranty.

    • Do you mind me asking where you bought from? JB refused to budge on $1795 but offered the 5 years’. I’m not willing to take the risk with the “seconds” off their eBay store. Sounds like you got a good deal.

  • +1

    Just becareful dealing with Sony…


    Maybe easier to deal with them via eBay money back guarantee?

    • Yes, I have resorted to raising eBay cases once or twice (due to Sony's very delayed responses) but for the savings and the probability, it's worth the chance.

    • So not just box damaged, actually damaged

      • I did not receive any item that was damaged on arrival. My issue with them was when they sent the wrong (and cheaper) model. Was resolved in my favour eventually. I was never out of pocket (touch wood).

  • +4

    Just be aware of Sony's terrible Customer "service" if something goes wrong.

  • +1

    Would avoid the "seconds" TVs just based off some previous comments


  • just be aware and check feedbacks many buyers received damaged tvs, recommended previous deal to a friend, he received a damaged TV, he escalated through ebay and sony sent him a brand new TV in same model but took a month

  • +1

    TV just died… these prices are tempting but is it worth the potential headache…

    • -1

      in my country we use to say "cheap things cost you a lot money"

  • +1

    This is probably rare but I had a very good experience with Sony Customer Support back in 2019. My 65X8500C, which I had for about 4 years, had really had bad clouding spots. Sony’s manufacturers warranty had long expired but thought I’d give it a try to get them to repair it under ACL. Fortunately they agreed to send out a technician to inspect the problem. I think they realised it would cost more to repair and they decided to send me a brand new 65A8F OLED TV as a replacement instead.

  • Why do sony have so many damaged box's They should spend few $s on proper packing

    • they all would, sony just put them up on the ebay instead

  • +2

    I got a "Seconds" XR75X90J this week. Paid $1979. This was meant to be refurbished rather than box damaged like these are.

    Packaging was all there and completely sealed. Service menu showed 0 hours on the unit and panel. I can't spot any issue. I'm sure it's brand new.

    These are 2021 models and will be replaced very shorty. The theory goes they sell them this way to clear stock without undercutting and pissing off the retailers.


    • how to see hours mileage and is it possible to reset it to 0 from Sony?

      • +1

        I don't think they can reset it. Also they would have had to put all the packaging back together perfectly.

        Power off TV

        "Display, 5, Volume+, Power" - does not have to be done fast. Press lightly.

        Bluescreen menu will appear, select "Self Diagnosis"

        https://imgur.com/a/zDxxYVv - what number means what
        https://imgur.com/a/PyrnIl2 - "display" button.

        If volume + doesn't work try volume -

  • +1

    just chiming in to say I received my seconds A80J this week too - took the punt hoping it was a box fresh but was some genuine seconds. The unit has one very slight dent to the frame and not noticeable at all. Took me awhile to find what was wrong with it actually. A few stickers on it with service/return numbers. Service menu had it around 100 hours when I received it.

    It took two days to arrive, the shipping number they've given (and the one on the box) straight up didn't work for some reason (and still doesn't) so had no idea when it was coming.

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