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GABS 2021 Can Design Awards Mixed Case of 12 Craft Beers $23.99 Delivered (Was $54.99) @ BoozeBud eBay


Decent price for a mixed 12
After code $2 each can.

Excludes: _NT, _Q3, _Q4, _S2, _T1, _V2, _W2, _W3

-AU $6.00
Order total
AU $23.99

"A selection of the 2021 GABS Can Design Winners. This pack includes: 2 x Brick Lane Brewing SIDEWINDER Hazy Pale (355mL can / 1.1% ABV / 0.3 Standard Drinks) 2 x Aether Brewing EL JEFE Mexican Lager (375mL can / 4.2% ABV / 1.2 Standard Drinks) 2 x Little Bang Brewing Co. ZERO KELVIN Cold IPA (375mL can / 7.1% ABV / 2.1 Standard Drinks) 2 x Blackflag KICK ONS Pale Ale (375mL can / 3.5% ABV / 1.0 Standard Drinks) 2 x Five Barrel Brewing FLIPSIDE Hazy IPA (375mL can / 6.5% ABV / 1.9 Standard Drinks) 2 x Temple Brewing LAST TRAM TO BRUNSWICK DDH NEIPA (355mL can / 6.8% ABV / 1.9 Standard Drinks)

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  • +1

    Darn wont post to my location. UPDATE, used different address haha excited.

  • +1

    great price, thanks op

  • +2

    The Sidewinders are 1.1% ie alcohol free, but still pretty good value in the end.

    • +3

      Yes I noticed this, couple of stronger 6.5>7.1% makes up for those weaker ones.

      • +1

        Correct, value is excellent.

    • +2

      This almost makes up.for it

      ZERO KELVIN Cold IPA (375mL can / 7.1% ABV

  • +1

    Great deal. Thanks!

  • +1

    nice, thanks OP

  • +1


  • +4

    AFTERPAY10 - If you have the code and can use afterpay then it brings them down to $19.99

  • $2/beer delivered, hasy vote

  • +1

    Awesome deal! Keen to try them.
    Thanks for posting OP.

  • Thanks. I was trying to find "last tram to brunswick" to add to my unique cans collection

  • +1


  • "This code can't be applied to your order.".
    Tried a Sydney address & a non-Sydney NSW address.

  • +1

    Great find, ordered immediately. Thanks!

  • Won't post to my location in TAS, ffs.

  • +1

    Best Before Date is ?

    • Yes that’s my only question, have to drink faster with so many alcohol deals.

  • +1

    Ordered, Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Wonder what the shelf-life/ expiry are on these cans

    • No idea, shouldn’t be a issue when drink fast.

      • +1

        Cool, I ordered 2 packs

        • I ordering 1 before posting & 1 after for mates. Fun to have tasting session together ;)

    • Probably about a year old, given it was probably stock brewed for those packs. Should be fine for all.

    • +1

      Arrived today. Best before is 29 May, so yeah looks like they saw they were about two weeks away and priced them as clearance.

      • Mine arrived & dates vary July > November
        1 can per six pack is already past it’s expiry
        FLIPSIDE Hazy IPA (koalas design)
        Of course one I was looking forward to most…

  • +1

    OOS i think

  • +1


  • ffs

  • +4


    • +5

      I feel so privileged to have this comment on a deal, sorry you missed out.

  • bloody hell. click confirm and pay and error message out of stock

  • +3

    eBay is showing as confirmed, must have just snuck in.

    I buy my beers based on the can design anyway so this was a no brainer.

  • +2

    Missed out whilst waiting for my eBay e-gift card to arrive

  • +6

    This is a bloody great deal here. There's also this one…


    16 tins delivered for $40. Not bad.

    • +2

      thanks mate, missed OP deal so grabbed this instead

      • +3

        This one has more variety which is nice. Banger of a deal in the OP but finding this made me feel way less sad to miss it.

  • Missed out.

  • +2

    Yum, graphic design

  • -1

    I've never in my life seen any of these brands before.

    • Little Bang are worth your support, the friendliest people you will ever meet.

      • Little Bang's Sludgebeast is one of the best beers I've ever had.

  • GABS 2021 Can Design Awards Mixed 6-Pack $17.47 @ BoozeBud (NOT eBay) & (NOT 12 pack) + postage


  • +1

    Order shipped. Purchased at 4:01 yesterday. 447 sold, well done ozb.

    • Wonder how many of 447 were actually in stock?!!

      • Some people missed out (see below)

  • Order 4.35pm yesterday. Refunded today - out of stock:( thought I got through in time

  • Purchased at 4:31 yesterday, order cancelled and refunded just now.

  • Cancelled and refunded

  • +1

    Mine arrived today. Best before 29 May.

    So basically one beer a day. Challenge accepted.

    Can see why they were discounted. Come in a nice cardboard pack of 6 promoting "best of 2021"…

    • Same, 29th may. Not ideal

      • Opened the pack, various best before dates between now and November. Not so bad.

  • Mine arrived and all have a couple of months left except for 2 X Flipside hazy ipa which are past the BB date 04/05/22

    • +1

      Exactly same for my packs, messaged them now awaiting on reply. Might get a partial refund?

  • Mine came earlier this week. Had a few yesterday and now wishing I had bought more

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