eBay SellerCut off All Contact after Refund Request

Hi everyone,

I'd love to hear from your opinions.

I bought the mk850 from an eBay (iot.hub) seller 8 months ago. And after returning it to the seller because the keyboard did not work properly, the seller confirmed that the keyboard was broken.

The seller offered an exchange or refund, I requested a refund and sent my bank details. Three weeks have passed since then, and the seller is ignoring all communications.

I tried contacting eBay as well, but they said they couldn't do anything other than send a message to the seller because the product was purchased more than 30 days ago.

I have no way to contact the seller other than via eBay message. Should I just lose money? What else can I do?

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  • Try call pcbyte Auburn?

    • I contacted through Livechat. They are livechat departments and thet will forward the case to the appropriate department.

      I am going to call them tmr

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        (02) 9648 3028

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    It has taken you 8 months to appreciate you have a real issue?

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      I bought Aug 2021, the keyboard stopped working in March 2022. I returned it in early April. I am still waiting for thier response. :(

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    Hi @Simonhyooo, sorry to hear that. Can you please drop me a DM with your invoice number/ eBay order number? I will escalate this issue to the relevant team manager.


    • so do u work for azau, iot.hub or pc byte

      • mwave obviously

    • Looks like this has been settled for you @Simonhyooo. Have a great weekend ahead :)


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    I bought a 512GB micro SD from them a couple of years back. It died after 10 months. I sent it back for RMA but didn't use tracked post (stupid me) and they said it never arrived.
    This was in June. I followed up a couple of times and they said it never arrived. I assumed they saw an easy out as it wasn't tracked post but I really had no leg to stand on and cut my losses.

    Then randomly in October - Four months after they messaged my unprompted on ebay saying "good news, we found your RMA, confirm your paypal details and we will refund you"

    Next day I had a full refund.

    So long story short - they are trustworthy.

    • Keep fingers crossed for me :)

  • Another reason to ditch eBay imo.

    • Sounds like an issue with the store not eBay

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        Op said Ebay said they can’t do anything after 30 days

        Amazon in three occasions so far have helped me claim credit and free returns a good 6 months+ into receiving goods. I don’t really like the idea of funding the bezos ivory butt scratcher fund but you can’t argue the afforded service is unmatched

        • You're literally attributing bad customer service of a private small business to no fault of a marketplace platform with Amazon which is the actual seller in your experience and owe you warranty/ACL.

          If OP bypassed the seller (not saying you should in first instances) and went straight to Logitech. The story would be entirely different and OP wouldn't even be here to bitch about an experience. In that case there would be no confirmation bias that Amazon is even a good place to support.

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