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Salomon Men/Women Lyngen Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boots - $99 Delivered @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required)


This deal is now back. Grabbed couple pairs and loved it.



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    no 13 no deal

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      Then just get 2 x 6.5.
      Pros : way lighter. Also twice as many shoes. Doubles your net bargain.

      • and cut your feet

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    Great for hiking

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      Actually, hiking boots are great for swimming.

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      thanks captain obvious

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      They're a lot better than I expected, comfy… They don't handle rocky ground too well, the tread is getting chipped away, bits are breaking off around the edges of the raised tread…

  • Can anyone help me with Size? I wear Nike 10, Adidas 9… And my last walking boots were Merrell's 9.5 (All US)

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      having bought these last time, i would go half a size bigger than my "usual" size

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      They're quite narrow, I usually wear 46 to 47 hiking boots, 46 usually being a bit snug, 47 being a loose fit, with these I had to go for 48 and they're fairly snug…

      It would be wise to get in there and try them on…

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        Agree….very narrow shoe.
        If you have a wide foot these are unlikely to fit, and painful if I tried.
        I bought a pair and had to return them as they crushed my feet across the middle.
        Larger size feedback, the larger shoe is no different. The larger size leaves you with 4 inches too much length between front of shoe and toes.

    • Always get 1 size larger for hiking shoes. I am a 12-12.5 for most shoes but get 13-13.5 for hiking

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      If you have wide feet then Keen are very good.

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      I have these. Definitely get at least half a size bigger.

      • Thanks for the tip. I'm usually a UK9 / US10 and went for a UK10 / US10.5 in these boots and I wouldn't want them any smaller at all.

    • Damn, I'm normally a 10.5 with adidas UB's, went with a 9 due to their feet guide (9 for 27cm). I might have to return them, hopefully there will still be some available by then…

  • Are they good for jobs where we need to stand /walk alot?

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      I don't have these pairs but hiking boots in general are great for walking a lot including for work. Heaps more sturdy, durability and tightness in the right areas of the shoe.

      Had a Salomon for 4 years and the bottom soles have barely worn off at all but the lining is starting to come loose but still very usable for a while. Downside is that they're slightly heavier but you rather that than destroying your Nike/Adidases

      • Thanks

    • Redback boots… The last pair I had, the leather upper wore through at the toe (after about 5years of daily wear in retail and warehousing) the sole had barely any wear at all.

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    Handy for walking to work if you live in Sydney!

  • sizes are in US or AU? Thanks

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      US… My docket shows size-13, the box has UK-12.5, Euro-48, US-13…

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    Came down to $69 delivered for me when adding promo code IB4GOGSH

    • Thanks boss

    • you win - tyvm

    • Thanks alot.

    • Thanks man!! Was oohing and aahing, the code did it. :D

    • Thanks a lot
      Any idea what are the conditions of this promo code and can it be used on other items. I tried on few other items but it didn't worked.

    • Superstar! I grabbed the Daintree ones, same price 👌

    • The true hero

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    I've messed up my order, but for those other, stack with the $5 additional bonus from Cashrewards + 2.8% cashback: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699842

    The Salomon Daintree is also at $99 (Mens Sz10 only) for those that prefer this model: https://www.anacondastores.com/footwear/mens-footwear/mens-m...

    • Damn!! I missed that one, $5.

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    Size 10 mens Salomon GoreTex also available in another style:

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    Are they good with refunds for sizes that don't fit?

    • Easy if you have a store nearby.

      Return or exchange your online purchase free of charge at any Anaconda store. Please refer to our refund policy for full terms and conditions.

      For a 'change of mind' return or exchange, the delivery fee is non - refundable.

      It's free delivery, so you can expect to get 100% back.

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    I've had 2 pairs of these over the last 10 years and while they are pretty waterproof and great on the trail, on smooth concrete like in the CBD I find them more slippery than my regular sneakers. I guess the tread is too chunky for normal city use.

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      Soles arent too soft so they're hard wearing, unlike sneaker soles which are good for hard surfaces but will get shredded walking in the bush.

      • Yeah, sneakers are way too soft for comfort and protection walking in the bush.

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    Wow, last time I ordered from Anaconda was 9 years ago.


    Used for a couple of years then sold it for a profile. A solid deal!

  • I got the Merrell & Colombia low cut hiking shoes in the recent bcf deal, is it worth also getting a mid pair like these to add to the collection? I am planning to do more hiking, bush trails, rocky, beach, overnight ultralight etc. would this be a good buy for these purposes or am I doubling up given I already have the low cut?

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      You're doubling up mate. You don't need 3 pairs of hiking shoes when you can only wear 1 pair at a time.

      In terms of low-cut vs high-cut, it's personal preference. I prefer low-cut as it's more comfortable, lighter, and versatile.

  • too late.

    • Stock keeps coming back. Keep checking. 9, 9.5 and 10.5 in stock right now

  • Sizes go in and out of stock as people's carts time out or they leave. I managed to get a size 10.5 in the Daintree style and I can see more sizes are available in the Lyngen version again. Definitely don't forget the code IB4GOGSH to bring it down to $69! (nice)

  • No size 14 no deal

  • Thanks OP, managed to snag a couple of pairs in my size - just had to keep refreshing and waiting for the stock to come back.

  • I don’t see the point in getting a shoe where people say the soul chips away. I bought this in the last sale not knowing that,went up half a size and it was still way too narrow.

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    Quite a few other good shoes. Croc sandals $20, ASICS Patriot $50 etc. Might be better with the code.

  • As the deal is OOS, if anyone wants a men size 11.5 US unworn with tags and in box in Melbourne please message me. I bought from previous deal but they were too tight.

  • Any suggestions for a decent pair of gym shoes for squats/dead lifts? I am currently using sketchers running shoes, definitely not optimal for that workload.

    • Barefoot is best

  • So I'm travelling to Everest base camp later this year, any recommendations on shoes? Would these work?

    • You'd want a real boot for that I imagine, not a cheap-arse bargain basement boot… I'd be inclined to go for a Scarpa Delta or better… A full grain leather "real" boot…

      A cheap crappy boot like these is fine for short day walks and half arsed trips, if they fall apart it's no issue… If you're heading remote or "Everest" you'd want a boot that's unlikely to fail…

      I wouldn't risk ruining a $10k trip on a $100 boot, lol

      EDIT: These have been as low as $350, but $400 is still a good price:
      You can pay an extra $3 and order 2 sizes from them, and they include a return shipping label so you can return the pair you dont want:

  • My orders just got cancelled doh

  • My order got cancelled too.

  • Cancelled too

  • Mine has been cancelled too. I gonna cancel their email subscribtion.

  • also got cancelled. not a happy chap.

  • I ordered 2 pairs- first one just shipped. I'll post back here in case someone super desperately wanted one. Got Womens style, but mens sizing

  • Anyone who used the promo code and still got their order shipped?

    • +1

      my order shipped already, used code.

      • Same here!

    • used the code and had order cancelled. checked back yesterday and one in my size had come back in stock so i tried again without the code. will see if this gets canned

      • good luck. i bought one with code and one without, both different shoes in different sizes and both cancelled

    • I used promo code ($69 total) and boots arrived today.

  • I ordered around 10AM and used the code. Got a shipping notification around 1:30PM same day. Will post back if they end up cancelling.

  • And typical now that the promo is over, there's a size in the style I ordered available but the price has been jacked way up again.

  • I have a men's size 9, looking for 9.5 or 10 if anyone wants to exchange in melb

  • The shoes have arrived, sent from SA, a bit on the narrow side, will think about it.

  • Have a 9.5 if anyone wants to swap for a 10 or 10.5,

    In Melbourne

    • I exchanged mine in store, they had 10 and 10.5 in Narre Warren, took the only 10.5 though. Maybe hold out and keep an eye out for stock near you.

  • Used the code, mine arrived today. I can see how they look a bit narrower than expected but luckily they still fit. Keen to put them through their paces soon. Thanks OP!

  • Received two shoes with different sizes, lol

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    I emailed their customer care saying that the product is in stock now. They were happy to match the sale price ($69). The process was that I need to order the same product at the current price ($202). Once my order is delivered, they will refund the diffrence.

    • Thanks for that update. I've gone ahead and submitted an enquiry too. Fingers crossed they honour my original order.

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