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Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 700ml $61.95 ($56.95 Each for 4 or More) @ Dan Murphy's Online (Membership Req)


Regular price $68.91, member price online $61.95. When you buy 4 you get additional discount of $20 on cart. Which is $227.8 for 4. Worked out to $56.95 per bottle. Not bad whisky not a bad deal.

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    Maybe put 46 in the title?

    Nice deal but would be horrible for non 46 🙂

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      cheers mate. Updated!

  • Dang I see $61.95

    • Add 4x to cart and you will see discount

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    $49.60 is when I decided to give the 46 a go.

    Find it difficult to like bourbons/whiskys compared to scotch, but my pick is Gentleman Jack

    • Try Michters, specifically Michters 10YO. The latter is pricey though. I’ve been a very long time whisky drinker (well before it was cool and drinking Michters was a ‘yeah I like bourbon’ moment)

      Then with Bourbons there’s different styles. If you’re a whisky drinker the bourbon that has lower corn mash will be more your style as they’re not as sweet and more spicy. The corn content of bourbon is what makes them sweet but can also be uninteresting

      For a sh.t kicker bourbon (ie one that’s not interesting but not crap that’s useful for cocktails) makers 46 is my go to (glenlivet 12YO is my whisky equivalent)

  • If you got Suncorp benefits use 5% GC and that’s will bring the price down a bit too. ..good deal

  • I am always going to think of Amber Turd when I see this brand now. Someone has already done a parody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8bnK5rKPSg

    • +1

      Make her scream!

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