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[ACT, NSW, VIC, SA] Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whisky 700ml $49.60 C&C @ Coles (Selected Stores)


Thought this deserved it's own post as a deal because I have never seen the 46 go for this price. I've paid this $ before for the OG

Dan currently has this for $60

There's a heap of other good prices
JW Black $35.20
Singleton $40
Monkey Shoulder $44
Glenlivets and Glenfiddichs 12YO $52

Credit: deojbackwards

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  • bought a case of stone and wood for $62, cheers!

  • I got coles catalogue at the Liquorland page for $49 in QLD

    • Standard makers mark is $49 - the heading needs to be changed as OP is talking about Makers Mark 46 - which is on special for $62

      • the 46 is much better ?

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          Night and day

        • Do yourself a favour. You won't regret it.

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        You're right my bad

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    Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for

    • change your pickup location/time/city/country .
      coles website is bullsht , you cant even add to cart or keep in cart, without going through all those questions like where, ehat time, pickup/delivery, bla bla bla , al the end , not available . which means you have to go through that shit again and also have to find if that coles sells liquor or not.
      usually i dont write that much , but it was complete bullsh
      t doing that , like finding a perfect match on tinder. good luck with that

      • That's why they called their payment portal Flypay, as their underlying system is pure shit.

  • 'Makers Mark 46 700mL is not available in your location'. 2165

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

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    It seems not available in NSW? I only have 2 items in my coles liquor…

  • Can't see it in SA (all comes out of Greenacres)

  • Thanks OP - picked up Glenfiddichs 12YO - my fav

  • m getting this for $45.6 through 1st choice and 20% cashback and 5% coles employee, and free delivery as well
    Now question is, if i use Coles employee no. , m i eligible for cashback or not !!!!

    • 10% team member discount until 24.12 if you buy in store.

  • The following items are unavailable at your selected time:

    What? why?

    • No reason and no explanation make Homr something something…

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