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Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless ANC Earbuds Black/Grey $178 Delivered @Amazon AU


On sale are these great earbuds, these might be cheapest ever? You decide.

I have been using these from last several months and absolutely love them. Active-Noise Cancellation is great, have used them on flights and ANC does pretty good job. I also use them for Teams Meetings, the call quality is amazing.

Happy weekend!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    love my pair. highly recommend, best in ear ones ive used personally

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      i concur they are awesome. love mine

    • +1

      Anyone else have issues with call quality? I work in open plan and they apparently pick up a lot of background noise, almost amplifying it. I always have people asking what is happening in the office, am I at the pub? etc. Seems to be similar reports online but the Jabra apparent solution (resetting) did not help.

      I only use one earbud so not sure if that affects how the noise cancelling works with the 6 mics.

      I love them aside from this issue, but they are basically useless to me because of it.

      • I think that is just the nature of these. Without some clever computing and processing, the mics have to be sensitive in order to pick up sound from mouth.

        My 65t and 75t both the same. Besides that, they're all great.

      • Curious to hear if others are experiencing this as well? Several people saying they're great for Teams calls.

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          They do pick up stuff in the office. They certainly work well with Teams. Bear in mind the people commenting might not be in an open plan office. I guess dedicated mic bar or the stick on an airpod pro help out there..

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        I have used almost all top end Senhiser, Sony, Samsung and Jabra buds and can certainly say these are actually the best in terms of call quality.

        I actually swapped back my Sony WF XM4s with these a few months ago due to mic performance.

        If you are liking these IMO it is unlikely you will like any others..

        I've heard Airpod Pros are good but don't have any personal experience using them

      • Yes, mine picks up alot of background noise. Unlike the 75t that I had previously.

        Thinking of getting the Elite Pro 7 now as the background noise amplification is annoying.

      • I had the same issue. People said they couldnt hear shit in any environment with background noise.

        Switched them to a pair of galaxy buds plus which work significantly better IMO. Have much less complaints.

      • I picked up a used pair and yes, I had massive issues with call quality. I get told i sound really muffled. I've also had issues with the headphones continue trying to pair when they're in the case.

        I believe mine are defective, but both issues are definately talked about online quite a bit.

        They are a great set of headphones though. the noise cancelling is decent for what they are, they're not quite as comfortable as my 65t and they don't have the same level of passive noise blocking. But the battery life is excellent.

  • Is this better than Jabra Elite 7 Pro?

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      honestly dont know but the 85t dont fall out of ya ears whilst running :D

      • +1

        I had the 75t until the right ear failed 6 months in, bought the 7 pro and there a big step up.
        Fits in ear a lot more comfortably, They don’t fall out while eating an apple while walking, no Bluetooth disconnect, There waterproof.
        No right ear slave, can use either one now.
        ANC could be a tad stronger but that’s just me…
        Better batt life…

        The mics are good in around 20 km wind (beach).

        Only downside The Girlfriend said when a vehicle/car drives past it sounds like an f18 😳
        I don’t make many calls in this situation only while walking so it’s not a huge issue .
        It maybe for some.

    • I noticed the 85t tip is shaped a bit oval so it doesn't form a perfect seal in my ears for me and it doesn't give the perfect sound insolation.

      • I believe you can swap the tip out to something aftermarket that suits

        • Might be a bit problematic as the tip has an oval seal as well. I guess I got a bit lucky as the small stock tips fit me well.

    • +1

      I've got both. 85t are better in every way except for battery, waterproofness and noisy environments for calls. I use the 7 pro for the gym / pool and 85t for everywhere else.

      I love both.

      • Is it true that 7 pro cannot connect to 2 bluetooth devices at once? What i love about other jabra is the dual Bluetooth feature

        • +3

          I have mine connected to laptop and phone with multipoint. Firmware 2.0 fixed this.

      • How does Bluetooth work when in the pool? I've read that it doesn't work under water, does it still work when just slightly underwater?

        • +1

          Doesn't work. IP57 for Jabra Elite 7 Pros should mean they remain waterproof for 30 min submerged at 1 metre, so you drop them in water they will survive.

          • @RedSky: That's what I thought. It's a shame Bluetooth doesn't work underwater, I guess that's physics though.

            Does anyone know of any earbuds which allows you to sync Spotify playlists/podcasts etc. to it and then use offline when there's no BT connection?

        • -1

          I've suffered a serious femur break so ha e been using the 7 pro for hydrotherapy above the water however I am able to swim light laps freestyle / breast stroke and maintain a bt connection without issue. Phone needs to be reasonably close however… 50m pool too long l.

          • @Thejewgong: Hmm interesting. Does your head and earbuds go underwater at any time? It'll be a 25 m pool so with bag and phone around the centre the range should hopefully be ok

    • +1

      Quite literally bought a pair of Elite 7 pros a couple of hours ago and I'd hope they're better than these, as so far they are pretty average and underwhelming. 😞 Honestly preferred the sound from my old $30 Xiaomi Redmi buds 2 lite.

      • its not a game

      • I have both and at first wasn't a fan of 7 pro sound tried all included tips. But experienced with tip from a different brand made a huge difference to the sound. I still use redme as my daily driver and the jabra at work.

        • Which tips did you get?

      • I've got both the 85t are better in every way expect for battery life, waterproofness and noisy environments for calls.

        If you don't need the waterproof, return and buy the 85t imo. You won't be disappointed with the 7 pros though honest.

  • +2

    How does this compare to the 75T? Worth the upgrade?

    • +8


    • +2

      Reviews say not worth it

    • The reviews I have read say the 75t is more bassy and these are more neutral.

    • +4

      I would get these over the 75T, but would not upgrade from the 75T to these

  • +6

    $179 at JB Hifi and with the $10 coupon that's $169 before you use discounted gift card.

  • +1

    I've read there's a significant difference between the ear seal of these and the 75t and 65t. I've had the elite active 65t for years and they are super awesome. I use them pretty much every day. Anyone who's owned both 65t and 85t could you please speak to the ear fit in your experience? Ta 👍

    • +1

      I have 65t and 75t. Prefer 75t as they don't fall out my ears as often due to smaller size and weight. Case smaller too. Both good though.

      • I thought 75t and 85t basically the same?

    • +2

      I would like to know too. I have the 65t and love them. Ended up buying the 75t and the seal just didn't work for me. Constantly fell out and didn't form a tight seal so the audio didn't sound as good. Tried multiple after market tips and it still didn't work for me.
      Wonder if the 85t is similar to the 75t?

    • +1

      I own the 65t (one earbud died) and 85t.

      65t have more of a pressured / tight seal whereas 85t 'feel' considerably more loosely attached (at least initially).

      For me they stay in equally well for running, although I have heard the oval eartips don't work for everyone and it may be difficult to find aftermarket with the same attachment.

      Noise isolation is roughly comparable to me. 85t may tune out regular noise a bit better because of ANC whereas 65t isolate more general noise but it's a wash overall.

      85t are also much less irritating to wear over long periods. I sometimes just use them for the ANC rather than for audio when outside.

    • 65t is far more comfortable, better passive noise blocking and have been issue free for me.

      The 85t benefits from active noise cancelling which i have enjoyed. The battery life is also significantly better. And it's got USB-C charging - which is a pet peeve of the 65t.

  • Are these sweat proof?

    • +1

      No the active versions are

    • +1

      link takes you to elite active 85t for this price, so yes - ipx4 splashproof

      • +1

        Umm…i get a downvote for explaining its specs?….ummmkay.

        • Link is to Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, not Jabra Elite Active etc. Stupid naming convention, but these aren't the higher IP rated model. The Active in the title is for ANC.

          • +2

            @JownehFixIT: the product description at the link says they're IPX4 water resistant

          • +1

            @JownehFixIT: thats correct, my bad…but yeah they are ipx4 splash proof so i guess they would be fine at the gym…just don't swim with them

            • @dogzilla: Well actually I was wrong here too. Both the 65t and 75t after them had non-Active and Active branded models which were the higher IP rated models with more water resistance. The 85t, it turns out, does not have an Active tier.

  • This or 1000xm3 from Sony?

    • +1

      I own both, 1000xm3 is heavier and bulkier. 85t is more comfortable to wear for a long time. Sound quality and ANC, I ain’t audiophile, but I think xm3 is slightly better.

  • These are great for work and general use (walking, public transport etc). Great sound and mic quality. Another great feature is multipoint - ability to have 2 devices paired simultaneously - so I can have work PC and Work phone connected.

    I don't find them ideal for exercise though, they stay in but not the most secure for gym/riding/running.

    So I have these for the above purposes and Soundcore Life Dot 2s for exercise.

    • +1

      Mine stay in perfectly during excercise and running. Might be something to do with the fit? Have you tried using different size tip?

      • Yeah have the largest tip in, watched the videos do the twist, just not secure enough, especially for cycling where moving around quite a bit and speed.

        Other thing with cycling is I'll have only left bud in to hear noise around which you can't do with the jabras. Can only do 1 ear as the right ear.

        I was hoping the hearthrough feature would allow me to have both and still hear what's around but the wind noise was outrageously bad even at walking pace - so another reason went for a cheaper pair that I can use for exercise.

    • They really shouldn't fall out. The ball of the housing should twist or sit in the cup of your ear. The silicone ear tip naturally in the ear canal. But that said, not all ears are the same

      • Agreed - some further background above!

    • Do you use them for MS teams? Can you pair with Teams so that you can click and connect to calls and disconnect?

  • This or Bose QC buds?

    • +2

      I have a pair of the older Bose Sound Sports that I only now use for the TV and they shit all over the Jabra 85T, as the low and mid tones on the Bose give you the best home cinema feel you could ask for from a fully wireless pair of headphones in my opinion.

      85ts are next level with noise cancellation and work calls I find.

      However again the 85ts far far superior tech wise to my now 3 year old pair of Bose, but Bose soundsports kick their ass for music and going for runs etc.

      Another downside of the 85ts I found is the battrey life with noise cancellation on, they don't last me more than 2-3 hours on a teams call.

      Guess all wireless headphones are made differently and not really versatile enough, some are good for some thing and not for others.

      Overall good value though at $160 price point and would credit them as being good for teams calls etc. Also not a bad user interface app to pair on the phone, unlike Bose which is basic.

      • Thanks! Got Bose from yesterday deal. Pros: Music quality and noise cancelling are excellent.
        Cons the case is bulky quality of calls is fine indoors. Not suitable for a side sleepers.

    • +1

      From my first impressions of the QCs, it does a lot of things well, but the things it doesn't do well (ahem the absolutely stupid controls), feel more mildly infuriating than the mildly infuriating points of the 85ts. (Disclaimer I haven't tried 85ts so there could be things that I'm not aware of)

  • This or the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $199 at JB ?

    • See my comment above.

  • Can you use either the left or right one on its own or just the right one?

    • Yes can confirm you get sound out of both on calls and can use just one headphone, I do that sometimes with my 85ts. Another positive on the 85ts is the good tactile controls and a lot you can control on the headsets itself.

    • +5

      Person below didn't answer your question. The jabra are master and slave and right needs to be active

    • +1

      I have 75t, you need at least the right one. The.left one cant function independently

  • Bought these purely for the call quality recommendations, hard to find great mic performance for Android. Let's hope it works well

    • Can't go wrong.

  • Glad I came across this thread just on time. I need something good for Teams call not just for listening to music but would be bonus.

    Which one is better Jabra Evolve 65T vs Elite 85T?

    I had no idea regarding Evolve vs Elite until I saw a YouTube video.

  • I just ordered one. Can someone please tell me how to sync with MS teams meaning ie one button to accept call and hang up?

  • +3

    jabra actual is selling this for $179 with free ship (all colours), in case you want a colour that's not on amazon/jb (gold beige vomit)

    10% off new sub to mailing list - but doesn't work as 85t is on sale :( hope that saves time for someone

  • How do these compare to the Sony WF-1000XM4 in people's experience? Is it likely a Jabra 8 pro will be out shortly if these are being discounted?

  • Checking the reviews, it suffers from hissing issues.

  • $179 at JB. Use JB Perks and gift cards to bring thr price below $169?


  • +5

    Have now had the 85t for 10+ months get used daily.
    Absolutely no complaints from me, no complaints from any meeting participants or other end of phone calls.
    Fantastic on aircraft with ANC.

    My only complaint is I paid $299 for them last year.

    • Awesome. I use windows PC. How can you receive calls on teams with this? This doesn’t have usb dongle I hear this is not designed for PC teams call but for mobile phone tablets etc.

      • Via Bluetooth of your PC.

        • Thanks mate. Could you please confirm if I can receive MS Teams call by pressing the ear buds, mute the call and hang up as Air Pods pro fails to do that which made me buy this?

  • Just got a pair in black from JB for the same price after seeing this post, same price at HN as well according to their website

  • Does Amazon offer returns for these if I don't like them, don't fit properly etc?

  • Black or grey? Which one better looking?

  • this or airpods 3?

  • Bought a pair and left earbud was dead on arrival. Goodguys replaced no problem. About 5 hrs run time before you're asked to recharge.

  • Could you please confirm if I can receive MS Teams call by pressing the ear buds, mute the call and hang up as Air Pods pro fails to do that which made me buy this?

    • +1

      Can definitely mute the call by pressing the button but not sure about receiving or hanging up sorry.

      • Thanks mate. I guess I have to try it out.

  • These are so nice I bought them twice! Ha. Lost my first set In the river on a night out (they don’t seem to float in the case)

    So grabbed another pair using this deal

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