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OtterBox Symmetry Series for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra $16.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Seems like the lowest price ever according to camel camel camel.

This would be great deal for all those OzBargainers like me who jumped onto the Samsung s21 ultra deal last year.

OtterBox case for $16.42 (comes with a non retail packaging).

Definitely 30 units available (or more) at the time of posting as it let me chose 30, unfortunately I purchased the Samsung pen case for $70 back then (too excited), an Spigen case and a Nilkin case so I'm out at this stage but those are in need to refresh their case this case doesn't looks bulky yet more protective than all my 3 cases.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The first review in the page says it's fake OtterBox. Not sure if it's true

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      Bit concerning, especially without retail packaging? https://www.otterbox.co.uk/en-gb/help-otterbox-fight-counter...

    • Sold my Amazon UK though?

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        I received a second hand HDD from Amazon US that was sold as new.

      • It is not necessarily sold by Amazon UK themselves, but by a third party on the Amazon UK website. It is simply fulfilled by Amazon UK.

        • It is not necessarily sold by Amazon UK themselves, but by a third party on the Amazon UK website. It is simply fulfilled by Amazon UK

          Why say that when you can check the Amazon website to see that it

          Ships from Amazon UK
          Sold by Amazon UK

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            @spaceflight: You can check the UK listing of the product to see the actual seller.


            In this case, it's Amazon Warehouse, indicating it's likely a used or refurbed product.

            Sometimes it's Amazon UK/US fulfilled product (Prime), sold by the third-party seller.

            You understand now?

            • @fidelio: It's not a big deal.

              If it is indeed used, and comes in a used condition, guess who will be getting a refund?

          • @spaceflight:

            Why say that when you can check the Amazon website to see that it

                Ships from Amazon UK
                Sold by Amazon UK

            Amazon is misleading with that. It's not always true now. At my work we have a product line we sell on Amazon. The Amazon page says ships from Amazon AU and sold by Amazon AU, but it actually ships from our own warehouse in Adelaide.

  • I have this case for the S21 5G and it's great. It's protected my phone from drops on brick pavers many times. I didn't like how exposed the camera was though so ended up getting a Spigen camera lens protector.

    • Are your photos still ok? I assume after you stick a cheap piece of glass over the lens your shots come out blurry

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        It doesn't look/feel cheap at all, you just have to avoid dust and fingerprints like you would a screen protector when installing. I am more worried about the camera lens being cracked than quality of pictures. I'm not a big photo taker but that was the first thing I tested and couldn't see any difference in photo's.

  • I got the defender for $10 last week

  • Also this doesnt include the belt clip

  • No space to put the pen ?

  • I really need a new case for my S21 Ultra (original case with SPen is wearing out on edges) but the lack of retail packaging is a red flag for me, especially as per guidance from https://www.otterbox.co.uk/en-gb/help-otterbox-fight-counter...

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      I reported an ebay seller to otterbox who were selling fakes. They had even copied the packaging. I could only tell because there was a spelling mistake in the text.

      I sent detailed photos, identified the seller, otterbox didn't even reply to my email to say thanks.

      After that I don't buy their stuff anymore.

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    pretty sure most of us who got the deal would have gotten a case by now.

    • I'm sure you did, that's why i mentioned someone who's looking to refresh the case. I buy a few cases so when the case looks old I can replace them. Samsung case with pen is falling into pieces so just changed to one of the spare one. But if you don't need one, you don't have to buy

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    So is this case genuine or not?

    • Can't tell you for sure, but given that it's sold and shipped by Amazon i doubt it'd be

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    I just received mine. It looks legit. I did some reading up. OtterBox have "OtterBox Business". They list the Symmetry series in both Retail and something called ProPack Packaging.


    Did more digging l couldn't find anything about ProPack on the OtterBox site, but found a PDF on an external site.


    From the PDF:


    • Pro Pack products available at volume discount pricing
    • Pro Pack ships in multi-unit commercial packaging
    • Commercial packaging reduces waste and labor costs
    • Efficient shipping results in lower costs
    • Phone cases in packs of 20
    • Tablet cases in packs of 10

    Basically it looks like it's available for bulk purchases targetted to large companies. Probably not intended for retail sale (not that I care).

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