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USB RGB LED Bluetooth + IR Control Lightstrip 1m US$3.37 (A$4.93), 2m US$4.04 (~A$5.90) Delivered @ High LED Light AliExpress


On sale for a pretty good price is this RGB LED Lightstrip that has a Bluetooth controller so that you can change the colours with your phone and an IR remote if you don't want to use your phone. It's powered by USB and the strip has an adhesive back. Available in lengths from 1m to 30m.

I personally use a few strips behind my desk, under my kitchen cupboards and behind the TV and they're great.

Choose Emitting Color: Bluetooth Control and select your length. Anything 5m or above will incur a shipping fee.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, GST inclusive and stacks with cashback.

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  • Is this a waterproof strip ?

    • +2

      There's no mention so we'll assume it's not.

      • +1


  • +1

    This is confusing - SMD5050 RGB but then says - 2835 without white color

    There is no option to select one or the other.

    • +1

      Sounds like a lottery. Perhaps there were both options, 5050 sold out and they've added 2835 to the description?

  • thx, ordered 3x 5m, separate orders for free freight, lol..

  • hrmm would be great if these could be controlled by Home Assistant

    • Yeah at this price no chance. Gotta pay more for something like the Yeelight RGB lightstrip that has more smart functionality.

      • or have an IR blaster conveniently where you need it to smarten these things up

        • Yeah I'm going to do this. Though can't remember if it's the 44 key remote or the 24 key remote. 24 key is good as it separates on and off buttons. Good for home automation.

    • -1

      you could control them if you make / buy a wled controller, but for these strips kinda not worth it

  • Do the cheap LED light strips still go dim after several hours of use?

    • Not in my experience. The ones in my office at work are on 24/7 for weeks and I've not noticed any brightness issues.

      • That is good news. I will have to get some and try them out again.

  • Just recieved mine…
    Theres an LED every 10cm or so, which makes the strips look very sparse!
    Reflecting them against a wall or to use as underglow looks like a bunch of individual dots… You get what you pay for I guess.

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