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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 from $260 (60% off RRP) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just received an email from JB, models will vary by store

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    This one will work with iphone if you want a circular watch. The watch 4 for $250 was a better deal unless you want the physical bezel.

    • where can I buy for this price? kogan?

      • Its expired deal now. It was via Amazon AU. So AU stock. Kogan will likely be Grey stock.

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    No 41mm black?

  • Watch 3 is tempting, for the form factor. But I assume it has the same firmware as the Active 2, which I found kind of soulless (hard to explain). Bought 2nd hand and sold soon after. The things that bothered me the most were: the watch not always automatically connecting to my phone, limited ability to respond to messages, bixby voice recognition not that good. Overall I found it a little unreliable. The thing I loved was the plethora of watch faces to choose from on the Facer app.

    But I love my Apple Watch 3 a hundred times more than I loved the Galaxy Active 2. It's like it has its own personality. From the front it looks retro, and from the back it looks modern. Very responsive, accurate, and much more functional than the Active 2 was.

    Anyway, Google Pixel watch is coming in October. Will be interesting to see what it brings to the table.

    • I believe the watch 3 came after the active 2 so slightly better hardware but still running the same tizen OS.

      I am also interested to see what pixel watch has to offer but the bezels look quite thick and read this morning that it may be running the same chip as the 2018 galaxy watch which is disappointing if true.

      • Watch 3 has more RAM but otherwise same hardware, no better.

    • Never had that issue with my (now sold) watch 3 (lte). The 46mm had a huge battery and that was amazing.

      Bought the apple watch for the missus and sold it as the battery didn't last a day for her.

      There were more apps on the Apple, but she felt like she couldn't use the watch much, otherwise the battery dies.

      • The older Apple Watch 3 has a larger battery than the newer Apple watches, and uses less battery to run. I get 2 full days (and 2 nights) battery life with normal use. 3 days with light use, especially if I do a bit of power saving.

        • Interesting. I can't test it, as it's long gone now. But that was her feedback.

      • @mbck

        46mm? Maybe you mean 45?

        • Apologies yes correct. 46mm was the original galaxy watch

  • Any feedback on the Oppo watches please?

  • My 45mm LTE still going strong. I actually find it very handy for answering calls when I'm not near my phone.

    If you disable some of the health sensor tracking you can get about 3 days of battery life. My wife's Apple watch does not even last a day.

    • I also like my watch 3 but gardly wear it as I always prefer my classic watches. It seems like a weird thing but I just love my old school analogue watches

  • Wasn't watch4 cheaper in prior deals

    • Where?

    • sort of, got my Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm LTE for $400 previously

      • Currently $442.80 on Amazon

      • How and where?! Looking for one for ages

        • At ozb. Just search

    • Agreed! Watch 4 has dropped below $250 a few times on Amazon

      • Well below 250, 229

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