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ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger D 8GB Graphics Card $499 + $9.90 Delivery (OOS for C&C) @ PCByte


1 fan version for $499 was posted few days ago, went OOS.

Two fan version on sale now for $499 which is arguably better.

Link to graph posted in previous post's comments showing why its value for $


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    Great price! But we should mention:

    Crypto market just took a HUGE dive. GPU prices well below MSRP are widely expected "soon".

    Mining is already less profitable than selling the cards, and prices are still in freefall.

    Unless there's an unprecedented and miraculous recovery out of nowhere, second hand GPUs will flood the market and drive prices well below MSRP over the next few weeks/months (going by what happened in the last few crypto crashes).

    More info and discussion here:

    So this is the first of what may be a larger drop.

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      So should I pull the trigger or wait it out? I'm keen to build my own PC for 1st time. I currently have a GTX 1070, wondering if it's worth the upgrade

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        Same. But I'm with a 970 lol

        • Represent!

          Oops, just remembered I’m not in that club haha

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          Um 770 here. Been hodling for a long time.

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        wait imo

        • Wait till when? I was thinking about pulling the trigger for rx 6900xt for 1300.

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            @Helioze: 3-6 weeks. Ultimately up to you, but I think it will fall below RRP. Already seeing multiple different GPUs on Facebook marketplace fall below RRP.

            Naturally, up to you…!

      • Personally I have a 1070ti on 1440p and I'm planning to wait until the RTX 4000/RX 7000 series.

      • With a 1070, I would definitely wait for the 4000 series cards or till EOFY at least.

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      Hi Agro. Please stop being sensible. You've changed. We miss the innuendo, adult language and uninhibited behaviour, which has now been taken up and twisted by warlike invaders with poor English. Please grace our TV screens again soon. Sincerely, a concerned citizen

    • tbh the biggest risk about a mined GPU is not fan, fan is easy to replace, or even the whole heatsink. The biggest risk is the VRAM and this is way harder to fix.

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        its not that bad, unless the guy was a total noob and just ran it at throttling temps, even then its hard to kill it.

        all the professionals will keep it at decent temps, it saves electricity and increases longevity

        but yes best to know where the seller lives just in case you get a dud

        people were giving me hell for posting this deal of mining cards but i bought one and its been in my pc for 2 years and counting…

        also with some mining cards you can just downclock it a tad and it becomes completely stable

      • the 6600 series memory runs very cool, even when mining

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      I replaced my dead gpu with a gt1030 and it's been fine for my needs. At this point, it's actually more exciting waiting for a price drop then actually getting a gpu. The question is, how viable is a 2nd hand/mining card going to be? Let's say, 3060 new vs. 3060 used used or new card vs. slightly higher tier used card.

    • Is there any reputable place that sells second hand GPUs?

      • usually if the quantity is high its a professional miner, like you want 100-1000+

    • Argghh… I told myself to pull the trigger once I see the first $499 6600XT…

      Ok I will wait T__T


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    I'd wait - think we will see a cryptopocalypse by June

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      It already happen.

  • Given next gen GPUs are coming later in the year, I'd wait for those unless you need something now.

    • But 6650XT isn’t much better but $400-450 US rrp

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        6650XT is not next gen, just a normal refresh

  • Does anyone know if I can just rocks up pay cash and buy from pcbyte auburn shop in person?

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      It says oos in Auburn.

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    Here I am with my rx480 waiting for further drops

    • I think I have a 570. Do you have much trouble playing recent stuff?

      • I have a 570. The only recent game I’ve had trouble with is Far Cry 6, which runs only with every graphic option set at minimum on 1080.

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        It does not do very well with recent games. But I don't really have much time to play games these days either 😅

    • Same with my rx 470

    • Same card and also waiting. Given starfield and stalker 2 won't be this year, no rush for me.

      Honestly my 480 still does okay in most games.

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      Lol I'm still sitting on a 7950

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    Gonna wait for a bit longer

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    Good price. I just bought 6600 non xt Gigabyte eagle from Amazon for $405 and started using it last night. This one is ~24% more for roughly 20+% more performance so I am still happy with my choice.

    • What were you using before?

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        Gtx750. I know.

  • Or just wait for 6650XT, benchmark review is out from hardware unbox

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      Won't be this price though?

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      Buy 6600XT and OC it?

  • Two fans is not arguably better than one fan. It's objectively better in every way. The heat sink on this appears to be similar design but is larger so that's another improvement over that single fan thing from the other day.

  • .#Ether is at $2,000 but the hash rate keeps going up.


    Why aren't the miners stopping mining?

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      Because the main mining programs just made a full LHR unlock available so everyone with LHR cards just started pumping out way more MH/s for nothing

      • That's interesting.

        Is that for all LHR or just some models?

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          I think the 3070ti + 3080ti excluded as they have a diff LHR algorithm?

          • @badonde: Those are unlocked I think its 3050 and 3080 12gb model as they have newer gen lhr

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      Still making plenty of money, especially for those with cheap power (solar or overseas)

  • $499 amazing value you would be crazy to buy anything else as this is the bang for buck card atm capable of 1440p gaming, to think i bought one 6 months ago for 749 after selling my 5700's for $1500 each.

    • It's decent but hardly amazing. It's been floating around $550 for a few months now, with several retailers having $545 cards available for quite a while.

  • Will I be able to dual screen 2, 27" 1440p, 165hz while playing a basic game like world of warcraft with this card on max settings?

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    Will wait. My trusted GTX 1050 is still kicking strong.

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