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Seiko 5 SRPD65K $259 (RRP $550) Delivered @ Starbuy


Found a nice beater watch for my trip to Bali I got from the JetStar sale posted on OzB haha.

I’m sure I could have brought along either G-Shocks but it’s been ages since I got a watch (not really).

Bought from Starbuy before and delivered to the office pretty fast so hope this deal tempts someone else too :)

24th June 2022, 4:40:34 pm

Price dropped to $259. Was $269

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    $269 is a beater watch

    • Haha my beater is a $55 G-Shock Classic from this old post. Also my $5 Skmei 1134 is still running on the original battery!

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      Yes it is

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    Found a nice beater watch

    There will be plenty of volunteers in Bali to watch you beat

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      Well that is a creative way to charge an automatic

  • True ozboggener has holiday in Bali lol

  • Are all these Seiko Watches considered a deal every week when there's a sale on weekly (from the posts I am seeing there's something on sale weekly so it's just a standing deal?)

    • I would still think it’s a deal if you’re after a specific model and bottom prices. This one I was just browsing a saw something at a price I was happy to pull the trigger on.

      Seiko has a pretty big modding community so that’s something else you could do to make the watch more your own. Not a bad place to start your mechanical journey.

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    Price is now $259.

  • I’ve been wearing this daily since getting it. Great watch. More comfortable than the Cocktail Time.

    Send me a message if you have any Q or want pic how it wears on the wrist.

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