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6 Months Free Uber Pass with Eligible Mastercard @ Uber Eats


email: To claim this special offer, redeem before Sunday 10 July by following the link below to sign up to Uber Pass using your eligible Mastercard. T&C's apply - see terms and conditions below.

Got a notification, linked Mastercard and it worked. Enjoy

Edit: seems like only way to access the offer is through the notification which disappears once you click on it. Probably a good idea to have your Mastercard saved to Uber Eats before you open the notification so you can link it immediately and avoid disappointment if the notification pops up for you.

Edit 2: If you received the notification and it disappeared, contact support and ask for a direct link. Some ozbargainers managed to get a link and others not YMMV.

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  • +2

    Not showing in my App

  • +3

    28 degrees work?

  • How do you link a mastercard without committing to the initial $9.99/month for uber pass?

    • +5

      Tried. Added mastercard as payment in App, but still wanted the initial $9.99 using it. No thanks.

  • +2

    Don't see it.. just bought a month with my Visa card today. Maybe should have held off as there aren't any perks at the moment anyway..

    • -2

      Why would you buy it if there are no perks. I don't understand this. Or do you mean no additional perks to the free delivery?

  • +15

    It popped up few days ago in the app, I thought will add later so dismissed and it's now disappeared altogether :(

    • Same happened to me and can’t see anywhere to contact them to ask if can still sign up

    • +1

      I kept the notification up, but when I clicked it today it didn't take me to the promotion.

    • +1

      Happened to me. I contacted support and they sent me a link to the promo, which worked.

      • +5

        Was it a generic link? Care to share?

        • I did the same as Lurk. It is not generic, it's unique and only good for 1 use.

      • Is there live chat with Uber, can't seem to find anywhere. Seem like can only submit a query?

  • +2

    Targeted, I don’t see it on my Uber eats app

  • Got this notification as well, and now it's gone. Tried to sign up but keeps showing $9.99/month

    • +1

      Contact support and they will send you a link.

      • +2

        Do you mind sharing the link if it’s generic, I will add to the description

        • I don't think it's generic. It was a hyperlink with a ton of random characters. Not a uber.com/pass kind of link.

      • +1

        Yup they gave me a link! Working now thanks!

        • How to connect to them cant see any option to go in chat

          • @hurr1cane: I did it by going to

            Help > Membership & Loyalty > Uber Pass > My Uber Pass Discount / Promotion didn't apply.

            Sent them a message about receiving the notification and trying apply but being charged instead. I screenshot the above image since I didn't screenshot my own notification. They were nice and refund my uber pass, and gave 6months. Not sure how they'll go for everyone else.

  • +1

    Got it in mine and signed up when it showed in case it disappeared. Cheers!

  • I got this one but I’ve already closed my mastercard… damn it.

    • +4

      you can sign up to a bank like Up and get your card details immediately (don’t forget to use the Ozbargain referral randomiser)

      • +2

        Thanks so much! Up worked :)

  • I had this one yesterday signed up with commbank

  • Same here got the pop up and went to do it later and it was gone tried uber support but no luck

    • +15

      Uber support is the worst.

      • +1

        they said they reviewed my account and can see the pass was longer active.. i didn't even get to active the pass, :(, just want the pop up to come back haha,

  • +1

    I got the offer yesterday. Already had my card on there, so I accepted the offer then cancelled immediately so I don't end up forgetting about it 6 months from now.

    • +1

      Where to look for this offer?

      • Dunno. The Uber Eats app gave me a notification for it, and I clicked on that directly.

    • +1

      Hi, you will always need to use Mastercard for this offer to work with transactions. Otherwise, the Discounts won't apply at all over the 6-month period. I received a targeted offer last year.

  • Just got the app notification about this now! Came on here to see if it's been posted and sure is :)

  • -1

    beat me to it 😭

  • +1

    I swiped away the notification before realising what it said :(

  • Not sure if there is any other way to access the offer other than the notification. Probably good idea to have your Mastercard saved in case it pops up you can link it immediately to activate the offer

  • +1

    Just received the push notification as well and signed up successfully. Thanks OP.

  • Just received notification and while trying to activate, it showed my card expired. Went ahead with adding another card but cannot find the notification or way to enable it anymore.

    • Exact same issue, card expired a couple of days ago. And surely they have this information in their system and should know not to send it…

      • Spoke to uber support, they gave me a link to go to and it worked! Try that.

        • Same! Signed up this morning!

        • Can you please post the same link here so other users can try their luck?

          • @brandogs: Someone already posted but its one time code not worth it

            • @hurr1cane: Ya its one time link. Wnt work

  • Do you have to add your card before getting this offer?

    • +1

      Yes, as long as you have any type of MasterCard, normal or virtual (Commbank StepPay etc) you need one on the account to generate the offer. You can swap between Mastercards on file if presented with the offer.

  • +1

    I got the notification and clicked on it. But the app didn't launch anything. So f*** me I guess

  • +1

    I got the offer, when clicked on more info and got back, the offer disappeared. Removed the card and re-added, still nothing. Just a crap implementation.

  • +7

    Received notification on Thursday night, like many of you I read briefly and was gonna go back to it, but was no longer there. Clicking on it in notification history did nothing.

    Took screenshot and sent to support asking them how do I access this promo. First reply they listed all the benefits of Uber Pass, which totally did not answer my question. Second reply they told me the promo ended in March.

    Hopeless bunch that have no idea about these things, so don't bother contacting support.

    • +1

      i sent them this screenshot and it doesnt end till the 10th of july 2022, still trying to say it comes up as 9.99

    • +1

      Outsourced support. Not surprised, they gave me the same spiel

  • +1

    Here's a screenshot of the T&Cs: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/266040/95796/screensho...
    Worth mentioning that you need to cancel 48 hours before the free pass ends to avoid getting charged.

    Also yay, I can now stack with this deal for Woolies

    • +5

      Cancel straight away, you'll still get the 6 months free.

  • Just popped up.

    Had my Bundall card and it worked.

    So easy.

  • What are the steps once we see the notification?

    Should we add mastercard to account first even before we get notification?

  • Is there a way to copy the direct app link from a notification?

  • Is ubereats still good? I've ditched it since other competitors don't have surcharges that high

    • +7

      Everyone's pushing delivery fees into service fees so the delivery free from the pass doesn't mean shit anymore.

      • +5

        This. I tried the free month of Pass thinking it'd save me a bit after not using uber eats for about a year. Disappointing to see they basically just renamed delivery fee service fee to avoid waiving that under Pass. So misleading

        • -2

          Considering the cost of labor in Australia I’d say the service fee is fair ONLY If it’s passed on to drivers (which it sort of is but the formula is obscure, drivers definitely get paid more than the raw delivery fee). $10 a month + 10% on the cost of the food is still a good deal if you use it more than say 5 times a month. You’re paying somebody for at least 15 mins of their time in most cases to pick up your food. Keep that in mind the economics of Uber Pass don’t really add up with what the drivers get paid. I’d say it’s a loss venture for them (just guessing).

          • +3


            $10 a month + 10% on the cost of the food is still a good deal

            Actually here's an example from yesterday for an Indian restaurant across the street -
            With delivery and service fees $32
            Delivery with pass $29
            Click and collect (through app) $25
            Call the restaurant and pick it up yourself $21

          • -1

            @LukeBP: Uber already makes a 30% commission on each item ordered from the restaurant which means the prices that you see on the app are marked 30% higher than the original price. On top of that uber charges the customer delivery fees, service fees and also charges service fees for the riders( riders get paid per order minus the service fee). So if its a $100 order uber gets $30+ the service fee+ the delivery fee(if the customer does not have uber pass). Considering the distance to customers home is 5 km the rider/driver gets paid anywhere between $5-$10 if there is no major delay at the restaurant for pickup which is most of the cases. So the service fee is not FAIR at all.

  • First time ever Something from uber work for me… Already have mastered card as payment. Just get 6 months Uber pass… Thanks

  • +1

    I’m so glad it worked for me, I’ll definitely end up using this a bunch (already use the delivery apps a bunch)

  • +3

    Just added my MasterCard details into UberEats app wallet. Hopefully this will trigger the offer at some point.

    Thank you, OP.

  • +1

    Would the offer pop-up as a notification or do you need to actually open the app and hope for the best?

  • +2

    Did anyone with an already active Uber pass get this offer?

    • I did, when trying to redeem it said I can't because I already have a pass

  • +2

    Any way to trigger it after adding your master card? No notification yet…

  • Same I just added MasterCard to see if anything happens

  • Opened the notifiaction, saw the page to activate, but stepped away from my phone and now can't seem to activate it. RIP to me.

  • For those who missed the notification, last time I just had to wait for maybe a week and then it popped up again. Alternatively try heading into the Messages part of the app to see if it shows up there.

  • I got 17 days, mum got 9 days, dad 11 days.. and we all haven't got UE's marketing ways

  • +5

    Didn't show in my app.

    Changed my UberEats payment method to Mastercard, removed all other payment methods, killed the app, restarted the app, offer showed up 5 minutes later. Thanks, OP!

    • +1

      Tried steps, only left MC as payment, uninstalled, offer didn't show on Android for me since.

  • +1

    I only just received a notification free for 1 month

  • +1

    Those who managed to get the link to sign up from support, please provide some step by step guides on how you managed to get in touch with them and post the exact message that you provided to them. You seem to be able to get competent support agents.

    I contacted them via the app's help - My Uber Pass Discount or Promotion didn't apply, and have since received 3 replies that didn't hit the brief. I even attached the screenshot of what the promo screen looks like and told them I can no longer access the link, asking them to send it through.

    This was the latest reply that I got :

    Happy to explain!

    To access our Mastercard offer, sign up via the promotion before 10th of July 2022 and ensure you have your Mastercard added to your Uber account.

    Your Mastercard needs to be added directly in the Uber app as a payment method and cannot be connected via Apple Pay or Paypal.

    Also, make sure you order with your Mastercard to access the full benefits of Uber Pass.
    We hope this info helps.

    Either I am really that bad at communicating, or they simply read with only one eye, or perhaps no eyes. I explained in every message that I know what Uber Pass is, I know what the requirements are, but I can no longer find the promo or link to sign up. Shrug. I think it's just my bad luck. I am beginning to think they rank 2nd in terms of world's worst large company support team, number 1 being Telstra.

    • They probably have a list of standard responses for each support question; I experienced the same but thankfully second rep understood and sent through a link. Perhaps try asking them to re- trigger the offer/ push notification, that worked for me. Good luck!

      • They eventually sent a 4th reply with a link that brings up the free 6 months sign up page. Most agents don't read the details (especially Telstra's offshore chat team) and assume it's a certain query based on keywords. I even explicitly told them I just want the link, and still sent standard response.

        Anyway, glad it's over for me. The increased BP level isn't worth it. 😂 The best of luck to everyone else!

    • +1

      Im soo frustrated and fuming. I keep getting generic bot responses that they checked their records and im ineligible for the promotion despite telling them I received the pop up on Saturday. That the promo disappeared when I shut the app down.
      Really don’t know what else to do. I sent screenshots of the promo pictures from this thread but no luck.

      • Urgh.. feel your pain. Don't give up! Just keep pushing them, ask for escalation.

        • +1

          Is there a way i can get it escalated? Have messaged on their Facebook, which support forwarded to their email support and via the app. I got a reply 30 mins ago telling me that they already told me im ineligible. Despite telling them like a broken record that i received the pop up which disappeared. Its like they have rocks for brains, i am seriously getting enraged with their responses. Looks like they dont want to give me the promo. Is there anything special i can do to get the link from them? Each officer is acting really petty, its awful.

      • I signed up as a Uber eats rider with a $500 sign up bonus which showed up in my account but never got that 500 even after completing all requirements. Imagine trying to get justice like this with those dumb agents for nearly an year now. First they kept repeating that I had signed up outside of the bonus period referring to the day I created my Uber Eats customer account. Thereafter the excuse was that my region was not part of the offer. Tried like 1000 times. No wonder we are all so infuriated

    • Tried but no luck :(

  • Link is unique to your account, will only work when requested through support

  • I managed to get a link via message, yay. Accidentally swiped away the notification the first time.

    • +1

      How did you manage that? They are refusing to resend me anything in a passive aggressive way despite telling them i closed my app at time of pop up.

  • +1

    Hours later…support are refusing to help me

    • May be lots of people ask same thing so they may know now and keep ignoring mine also keep saying no you are not selected on promo😞

      • Check your emails! I got one tonight after losing the notification a few days ago

  • +1

    Just got an email for this offer as I shipped away and it loaded up my uber and applied it thankfully

  • Are people who used up their free trial eligible for this?

    So I just got this offer via email which tells me I have until July 10th to sign up so my plan is to use up my free 2 week trial before that and sign up for 6 months after

  • The Bundl app Mastercard works for this.

  • after patiently waiting out a 1month free uberpass, I finally got the notif this morning for the 6month one

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