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Highland Park 10yo 700ml $58.95 (Usually $82.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Dan Murphy's (Membership Required)


Member offer - free instant membership. Lowest I have seen for this drop. Seems they have beaten current Aldi deal ($64.99) by around 10%.

EDIT: May not be the same price in every state/territory. Thanks for comments pointing it out.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


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    Is there any discount coupon?? It shows $74. 95 for me.

    • +1

      For me it says member only price (it’s free to sign up)

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        Alright for us in Tassie its still $74.95. I tried switching to QLD, it then shows me $58.95 price, so disgraceful danny boy!

        • Ah yep that explains

        • No Aldi down here to price match :(

  • Danmurphys showing the ABV as 43%, I thought it is 40%?

    • it is 40% as per label and master of malt.

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        Seems they have beaten current ABV by 7.5%

  • Grabbed thanks

  • Really good for the price.

    • -3

      ..but otherwise disinteresting rocket fuel

        • -1

          I used to get Highland Park at ~half price via staff discount. The one I had which was a 10-15yo and i bought it maybe 5 years ago didn't taste of anything but alcohol

          • @justtoreply: What whisky did you normally enjoy?

          • @justtoreply: Half price with staff disco … where did you work?! Spirits Platform?

            That's a crazy discount.

      • +3

        It's not that bad at all.

        It's doesn't have much in the way of a unique flavour, just 'generic heather whiskey', but it's hardly rocket fuel.

        Its certainly up there with the best you can get for under $60.

        • +1

          Yes. This is what i really meant

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    If you want to start experimenting peat whiskies, it's a good bottle to start with (alongside the Talisker). It's not too heavy on the peat and for under $60, it's good value.

    • On the money! Sound advice.

    • +2

      I started on Lagavulin 16 and i recommend that to anyone and everyone

      • +4

        I really don't think Lagavulin is a good intro to peated whiskey IMO. Talisker is better as an entry point if they are regular whiskey drinkers already.

        In saying that, it does really depend on the person and their tolerance for bitterness - people who smoke or drink their coffee black won't have much trouble starting off with any islay ones except for Port Charlotte/Octomore.

        • +1

          I drink my coffee black - you just explained why I tend to like peated whiskies more :)

    • I recommend the Glen Scotia double cask as intro to peat whiskies.

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    Just opened mine that I picked up from Coburg Dan's on the weekend (got the last one) - surprisingly nice! Might have to try and track down another bottle before the special ends.

  • 75 bucks in qld

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