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[Android] Learn Candlestick Patterns - Free for 1 Week - (Listed at $15.99) @ Google Play


So the developer only just posted this on reddit. It has only been added to Google Play recently.

Candlestick patterns & Technical Analysis are very powerful, they can be used in a candlestick chart to know in which direction the market is going to go since candlestick patterns show the collective psychology of the stock/crypto traders.

With this app you can learn all the candlestick pattern cheat sheets to try and profit from your knowledge, at this very moment people are making A LOT of money from these simple candlestick patterns and why shouldn't you be one of those people?

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  • It’s unpredictable. Mr.Market is always right.

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    Please don't. Just don't.

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    Everyone would be rich if this worked lol
    Most of these patterns are only apparent in retrospect.
    Try watching the market in real time and see if it's that easy

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    Hey - check out the other apps by the same developer…

    Random Kanye West Quotes - Weed Tracker - Fart Button - learn card counting

    …….HARD pass

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      didn't believe it at first but this is actually real LMAO jack of all trades

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      Putting the pipe down to write a few apps, good on them for having a go. 👍

    • Person writes an app for candlestick and card counting, both are the same things really, tons of effort for basically no advantage over pure luck.

      • They both have something in that they improve the odds. A huge improvement to luck. That's all, an improvement not a sure thing.

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    LOL. I am an algo trader. None of these patterns are statistically significant in the slightest.

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      classic algo trader.
      Will do/post anything to keep there edge…


      • LOL ill pay that one! amused me : ))

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      I totally disagree. I am an algo trader too. It depends on how you look at it. You could use ML to train the various patterns, and a mixture of patterns and then come up with a trading rule, rather than using a static rule.

      • what is there to trade in khazekstan

  • When technical analysis emerged I do believe it worked, essentially it requires that the market reacts to previous trends, highs and lows. In a market dominated by human emotions it would be predictive.

    However any insight that technical analysis could provide could be captured and traded automatically by a computer - by the 1980s.

    It is now as useful as learning a dead language, it is simply not possible that it would help you make good decisions.

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      Nitimur in vetitum.

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    Fork handles.

  • Patterns and sticks will only work for 0.01 of times, becouse the patterns won't be able determine/predict the socil economic events, inflation, war & etc. The patterns are driven by the price on the day depending upon who's up to buy and who's ready to sell at price they think is reasonable.
    My 2 cents anyway!!

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    If you are learning about this now to get into day trading please stop. There are factors beyond candlesticks patterns impacting the current market. If you want to do something proactive, learn to read financial statements in preparation for when equities are more fairly priced

  • If you don't get a handle on your candle, you will soon be learning how to pan-handle

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    The app developer wasn't very successful selling day trading seminars for $3k a pop. This is their last throw of the dice.

    I remember the pay $x thousand to get tips from horse racing program that would guarantee win.

  • Beware, you’ll get burnt by these candles

  • i would have been excited if it read tea leaves as well

  • "I pity the fool that paid money for this trash" - B.A. Baracus

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