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US$60 off Neo Sync Box & TV Neon Lightstrip Pro Kits <60" US$109 (~A$157), 61-90" US$129 (~A$186), 91-120" US$139 Posted @ Lytmi


This is a pretty cool product! The wife was not sure but she loves it! Win win! They have different sizes for different tvs.

Shipping is free. Site charges in USD.

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  • So this will work with general TV and TV content?

    • You need something to pass through it, like a chromecast, dvd player, console etc. Apps played directly off the TV will not work

      • Eh I use the TV for all media only output is the ARC for audio to the amplifier. Sounds too hard plus another app and WiFi connection

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          yeah they're kind of annoying anyway. cool at first, but distracting and often have to spend time troubleshooting.

  • I use Nvidia Shield and all my content comes from that and works. If it is off the ui from the tv OS it will not work.

  • $60 off how much?

    • $60 off $60 more than a bargain!!

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        $60 off with a coupon code? How would you like to see this deal lol? Honestly interested.

        • Cheers OP, great work!

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            @King Steuart: Wish I could take the W for this but it was the mod that fixed it up :)

    • $60 off shitloads. If you have to ask, …

      Price in title!

  • 3 kits different prices for each kit. Depends on the size of your tv.

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      Read the posting guidelines.
      Choose one of the sizes and put up the price after the discount.

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    How has nobody made a HDMI 2.1 version yet?

  • Does this have any kind of latency? I'm super keen to get a setup like this, but even the slightest delay would really irk me I feel.

    • there is tiny latency. its a lot better than you'd imagine, but not 100% perfect. its good enough that you don't notice it when watching content, but can see it if you're looking for it

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