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Ovela Cast Iron Casserole Dish 5L (Red) $19.99 (RRP $139.99) + Delivery ($0 with FIRST) + More @ Kogan


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    Ordered one, thanks!

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    Saw one at kmart similar price. How is this different

    • +10

      It's probably not. It's all just cheap cast iron and enamel. People buy one, if the enamel goes bad they throw it out and buy a new one.

      This is compared to staub etc which typically have a lifetime warranty on defects.

      I've only seen one le creuset Dutch oven, and it's ancient and in great condition. I've seen a bunch of cheap enamel pans last for years, and some barely last a year.

      • Once you reach that point, couldnt you just strip the insides and turn it into an actual cast iron pot?

        • -1

          Lol. Good luck 'stripping' enamel on a cheap knock off. Pay the bucks and by a Le Crueset or a Straub and leave it in your will to your kids. Ours LeCruesets are going on 40 years now and they're as good as when they were new.

        • The pot surface is really rough under the enamel. That's so the enamel coating had something to grip. Kind of looks like the surface of a tennis ball. Sanding that smooth is next to impossible.

    • +6

      To add to what Incipient noted in the comment above mine: Ovela is a Kogan house brand, so it can set the RRP to whatever it likes. The stratospheric RRP does not in any way reflect the relative quality of the product.

  • +2

    It looks identical to the one I got from Aldi.

  • Ahh I missed the [Kogan First] bit. Delivery is a deal-breaking $17 for me

    • Yes, it is a great deal for Kogan CC holder (one for 2499 pts, free membership) or trial user using AmEx offer.

  • +1

    The enamel in these always goes bad quickly.

    • +1

      It also contains lead. Thanks to the Bunnings lead test kit.

  • Wonder if any good for Kamado Joe Mac n cheese

    • +1

      Just use an aluminium tray from Bunnings.

  • +1

    I'd love to see it and maybe buy it. But kogan has blocked me and I've never been to their site. Their loss.

  • Wonder how these compare to the Coles KitchenAid ones?

    • 3.3L

  • I have a few of these Kogan cast iron and they've held up pretty well. Would recommend for the price. The RRP is a laugh though.

  • Good for popcorn on the stove

  • Bought a large round le creuset about 13 years ago and it's still in as new condition. These things will probably do much the same thing but the enamel will peel off pretty quickly rendering it a heavy land-fill item as you won't want to cook in something that's peeling away.

    • That's not all. I find with the Aldi one I had the lid isn't heavy enough for certain dishes that I cook and lifts with the pressure. Definitely worth having a look at the weight before buying.

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