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Free 10-Day Trial Dimple Contact Lenses + $3 Delivery @ Dimple Contacts


Dimple Daily Contact Lenses - Free 10 Day Trial, just pay $3 for shipping Australia wide!

Australia's high quality daily contact lenses, delivered straight to your door.

Over 1,200+ 5 star review rating, for comfort, convenience and cost!

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Dimple Contact Lenses
Dimple Contact Lenses

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  • How long for delivery pls?

    • 3-4 business day in AUS, and express 1-2 business days!

  • +1

    Tried them before & pleased with the quality.

  • Have to subscribe after trial!!!!

    • You can cancel anytime

      • Was it hard to cancel if not continuing?

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          Just cancel as soon as you get shipping notification

        • +1

          very easy to cancel, in "my account" very small worded "cancel account" near the bottom of page

  • Any ETA for toric lenses ?

    • I had to cancel my sub because I needed toric lenses.

  • Isn't this just the standard ongoing free trial ie always available? I see ads for it all the time.

    • Even Specsavers do a free contact lens trial

  • +2

    Just note that these are a very old material (Methafilcon B) and as far as I know (as an optometrist), all the lenses listed on Wikipedia as being made from this material have already or are being discontinued (as better materials have come out, not because there's a specific issue with this material). List here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_soft_contact_lens_mate...
    I haven't checked the price but I assume they'd be fairly cheap. If it works for you, great but there are definitely better lenses out there

    • Just curious about your perspective, what brands are better than this? I'm currently using cheap ones and I had no idea there were so many different types of materials used.

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        Generally the most comfortable would be the Total1 lens which would be several generations ahead of this (but significantly more expensive and some find it a bit difficult to remove from their eyes). The Oasys 1 day is also pretty good while the Myday lens is decent and cheaper (and a lot of companies have it as a private label lens at a cheaper price)

        • Thanks so much for that!

        • Just wanted to say thanks again, my optometrist recommended My Day to me today and gave me a weeks worth to try out.

          Though, I'm willing to try Dimples out too

      • +1

        The best I've used is precision1 from the same brand as total1. They are also one of the most expensive on the market. They have the smallest lenses and you can barely feel it. While dimple on the other hand has the largest lenses I've ever tried. They're ok for dailies but I've had situations where I opened a pack and the lens was disformed or had a chip in the side. Be careful of that latter because that can scratch your cornea (any lens in general that's damaged, not just these ones)

        Precision 1 has trial packs too so give that a go as well. And yes you need a few goes to get it out of your eyes because they fit on so well

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