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Assorted Plumbing Tools eg PVC Pipe Cutter $14.99, Pipe Bender $14.99, 560mm Swedish Pipe Wrench $19.99 @ ALDI


They're cheap but come with Aldi's 60 Day refund if you're not satisfied with the product.
Bunnings might drop their prices on some products to match, so keep an eye out.

3pc Pipe Wrench Set $19.99

  • 250mm water pump pliers
  • 320mm Swedish pipe wrench
  • 235mm curved jaw pliers

560mm Swedish Pipe Wrench $19.99

Mini Pipe Bender $14.99

PVC Pipe Cutter $14.99

Self Adjusting Wrench Set 2pc $14.99

Of course Aldi are having product delays and by Thursday you should be to use the Stock Checker to find stock near you.

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    Interesting Knipex is a German product but Aldi never sells them.

    • +12

      Knipex is a high quality premium brand with a high price tag. Opposite to what aldi usually sells!

    • +4

      Yes, Aldi is well-known for selling ultra-premium stuff like Knipex

      • +9

        yeh last week they had a Mercedes Benz e class on sale.

        • +4

          Typical cheaply made Aldi garbage then. At least Aldi’s return policy is suitable for Mercedes.

      • Yep. missed out on the Chateau Margaux red and Remy Martin Lous XIII cognac in the liquor section …… but on a serious note, some of their items are at times rebranded other brands, problem is Knipex don't do OEM, Schmidt does is is a Knipex competitor but these tier of companies don't have excess production capacity for the likes of Aldi.

  • https://www.bunnings.com.au/irwin-ratcheting-pvc-cutter_p009...

    Is this the bunnings equivalent pvc cutter? How much pipe diameter does the Aldi one go up to?

    • +1

      More likely to be this one if they price match https://www.bunnings.com.au/haron-42mm-pipe-tube-cutter_p490...

    • if you cut alot of pvc pipes, get a decent one with a blade sharpener.

      • I wouldn't say a lot. I'm using a handsaw now which is good enough. Just rough edges.

    • How much pipe diameter does the Aldi one go up to?

      Package says up to 42mm. Grabbed one today. For $15 it's worth trying out as for me it's only an occasional use tool.

  • +1

    Hope bunnings matches it

  • Other than water pipes, where would you use the 560mm Swedish Pipe wrench? What are the applications and usages?
    Im just thinking keeping something it under the car seat for when you drive through seedy neighbourhoods. /s

  • Plumbers must LOVE sales like these.

    I'm never touching pipes again.

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