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Highly recommend UP bank. Great app. It's now my main bank and in the process of refinancing with them too. Support is always quick to…
04/04/2024 - 15:11
Didn't have any issues when they shut down 2g network? At least you won't have any telephone marketing calling you I suppose
21/03/2024 - 01:04
Might be a tricky one if as its a special deal with a gift card.
02/03/2024 - 12:42
Will it automatically connect if I'm still connected to my home wifi in the driveway?
08/02/2024 - 08:18
Nappy pants all the way once your toddler is up and moving
31/01/2024 - 17:14
6056, closer to courier depot then a lot of other post codes. Oh well
13/01/2024 - 14:59
damn, my "perth" postcode is $35.94 shipping :(
12/01/2024 - 22:41
Great, missed out last time. Signed up and cancelled right away.
11/01/2024 - 16:19
Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants Size 5 (14-18 kg) 80 Count $27.87 1x available, think they might be a bit big for my toddler still so…
05/01/2024 - 15:08
Hopefully they survive, there's only 3 manufacturer left: Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital. Need competition to drive innovation and…
04/01/2024 - 19:43
Great been meaning to buy this one for a while. Got another 5% off with RAC membership.
28/12/2023 - 17:19
Perth people where do you buy isopropyl alcohol from?
20/12/2023 - 12:52
With the hardened steel cht nozzles, looking at the picture it seems like they have a copper or brass insert so abrasive filaments will…
19/12/2023 - 21:02
East digital is what ozbargain have done group buys from previously. I've bought a couple of drives from them no issues at all, quick…
28/11/2023 - 19:10
Pixel 8 128gb was $899 + $100 gift card on black friday, I wonder if we will see another sale on cyber monday?
26/11/2023 - 11:43
The aux fan? I think most people turn it off completely or right down for PLA. At least in my experience my prints warped or lifted with…
18/11/2023 - 18:23
If someone is only printing PLA then P1P is probably a better option imo. If they ever want to explore other more exotic materials then yea…
18/11/2023 - 14:45
They have stock in Australia in a 3rd party fulfilment warehouse which is why shipping is quick. If you were not charged international…
18/11/2023 - 10:26
Yes but even though you pay in AUD you can still get charged international transaction fee depending what bank/card you have. They are not…
18/11/2023 - 01:18
No its a spare 0.4 stainless steel nozzle in the box already. If you want any other size you need to purchase it separate.
18/11/2023 - 00:44
Comes with a spare 0.4 nozzle. If you plan on printing abrasive filament then get a hardened steel extruder and hotend. Otherwise just buy…
18/11/2023 - 00:23
For payment use a card that does not charge international transaction fees. Otherwise you will get stung with that.
18/11/2023 - 00:21
Strange, even though I can see the banner on my ebay page I get the message "Unfortunately, this promotional offer is not available to…
17/11/2023 - 21:24
I was going to buy the XFi version but ended up getting the XF version as it included a full bottle of cleaning formula and the price…
17/11/2023 - 12:37
nagel was awarded a badge.
17/11/2023 - 00:12
3.6v vacuum, I think a dustpan and broom would be a better option.
16/11/2023 - 21:26
Tempting but I already have a Bosch IXO and a Vessel 220 P1. This one does have USB-C charging though which the IXO does not... And…
09/11/2023 - 11:58
"FREE shipping nationally wide. Extra 10USD shipping fee for areas starting with 6 postal codes, and some parts of remote areas." So it's…
05/11/2023 - 14:43
Have another Gooloo model but it's been great, support was good too when one of the LEDs didn't work they sent out a new unit quickly. Jump…
05/11/2023 - 10:04
These contain 20650 IXR21/66 MH46259 2600mah cells.
03/11/2023 - 15:49