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[Switch] Monster Hunter Rise $20 (Clearance Limited Stock in-Store Only) @ Target


Unfortunately this game is no longer listed on the target website as it has gone to clearance so click and collect/delivery are not available. Should be nationwide though would advise calling the store before heading down to check stock levels.

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  • wow

  • No brainer if you can find it!!!

  • I wish I looked around after I got demon souls lol.

    • That's exactly how I found it!

  • Awesome price! I'm still happy that I got it at $34 from Amazon, as I don't think I will able to find any stock in Sydney.

  • -1

    Great price but no way of finding store stock….

    • +2

      As I said in the description best way to find stock is to call or go in store…
      I believe they can check stock levels of other stores in their system too

  • I went to check at my local target store (SOR) in WA when someone mentioned it a few weeks ago on here. It was the last HN sale on this for $34. No luck at my local target. :( But i grabbed a copy from HN anyway. $20 is a bargain!

  • +1

    @Ninternet had reported it to be $30 a few weeks ago. But stock was very limited. Luckily I got one then. They seem to have reduced the price further.

  • Put one on hold at my local (Broadway) not sure if there's more in stock but price was correct

    • Did you happen to see if they've got anymore in stock at Broadway?

      • Burwood westfield Target had some left at 6pm yesterday if that's not too far for you

  • +1

    I found it marked down to $15 a number of weeks ago in addition to whatever old Switch titles they were trying to clear (eg FIFA21 and Burnout Paradise Remastered for $10 each)

    I check my local Target stores once a week as they get ever-closer to D-Day (K-Day?) as random titles are aggressively marked down. Last weekend was PS5 Destruction Allstars and PS5 NBA 2K22 for $10 each and PS5 Death Stranding Director's Cut for $20.

    • +1

      What's a D-Day?

    • +1

      The one in your link seems to be a different Monster Hunter game.

      • Yep! Compared apples with oranges. Too much haste - not enough reading.

    • That's a different monster hunter game but good price. Damn, would like to get my hands on death stranding directors cut. Was that the PS4 or PS5 version? I saw it at my local on PS5 for $39 but if that was the PS4 version for $20 I would jump on it.

      • Yeah - I screwed up. Looked at the thumbnail and fired-off a reply. Eeeedjit.

        Damn, would like to get my hands on death stranding directors cut. Was that the PS4 or PS5 version?

        It was PS5.

        • No worries. I haven't even got a PS5 but would definitely buy that in preparation lol. Hopefully my local drops it in price next week.

    • Why does it say that it is Sydney but most of the posts are from Newcastle?

      • Most recent posts are from Newcastle as I moved cities to live.

  • +2

    no stock in Perth

    • yes. I checked a few weeks ago. We don't have that many target stores anymore in the west.

      • yeah many store closed

    • No Rockingham/Mandurah either?

      • not check that far

      • +1

        certainly not. confirmed.

  • Should check your receipt before heading to Helensvale.

  • None left near my area

  • That's a great deal! Love to see it!
    But I tried this game during the trials, and it was just too overwhelming for me, so gonna skip!

  • None left at Target Frankston in case anyone wanted to check

  • -1

    They have a few left at Target Burwood Westfield.

    Go go go

  • So peeps are aware it's available on Steam:

  • Target Burwood Westfield has a few left as of 6pm yesterday

    Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Pp9MNvn

    Troll accounts are negging my original comment.

    • Thanks, called today for another switch game, but was told only latest game like Pokemon still available

    • +1

      I swung by today to double check but no luck either however I did get Minecraft Hero edition from Burwood Target for $5

      • Was it behind counter or display?

        • In the desk drawer.

          I asked them and they checked the system and said there was one in stock so looked around.


          • @SpeedRunnerLink: nice, I called earlier, but the guy said nothing left. Oh well. Win some lose some.

      • Nice score~!

  • None at Helensvale and Runaway Bay. Runaway Bay has Pikmin 3 for $30 though.

    • I got the last one from Helensvale, sorry about that haha.

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