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[Switch] Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening $53, Mario Golf/ Party Superstars $40ea, Rabbids Kingdom $16 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ HN


Another round of sale at the good ol’ Gerry?




BG’s Notes:

  • Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a digital download code, as pointed out by this comment
  • You can try and get JB to price match it and stack with the $10 JB Perks voucher (if you still haven’t used it yet)
  • Wait for Amazon to do its round of system check on prices, usually occurs around noon

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +3

    Mario and Rabbids is actually a hell of a game if you like strategy games… it's a more fun and like a less stressful version of XCOM.

    • Yeah it's solid. Sequel on the way.

    • Mario and Rabbids at $16 is very cheap.
      Very exciting and interesting games with awesome graphics.
      I bought from JB Hi-fi last year @ $29 (with the game card, not with digital code).

  • +1

    It's digital code. For the rabbit, just so people know

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition - Nintendo Switch @ $40 (RRP $69)
    This is good price as well at Harvey Norman now.

    • Cheers, good find!
      I’ve added onto the list :)

  • +3

    And now we wait again for Amazon ….

  • +4

    Bloody Mario party is always sold out

    • +1

      haha im waiting for the same

  • +5

    Thank you, I got Triangle Strategy (surprised this one hasn't sold out yet), not risking missing out by waiting for Amazon again, despite my distaste for Harvey Norman, their prices on games recently has been really good. I am ashamed.

    • Yeah, if I didn't already have it that would be the killer deal for me.
      One of my favourite TBT games of recent years which is shaping up to be somewhere on my GOTY list.

    • Just picked one up from JB. With JB perk and gift card, cost me $24 out of pocket.

      • +1

        did you manage to get them to price match this clearance deal? that's apparently not applicable so you must've got lucky with a noob staffer.

        • See below comments, I am not the only one. or everyone got lucky. Lol
          Also when I asked for pm, 2 sales were there, they both checked, and talked to each other. Agreed to pm

          • @ce5himm: i guess i just got unlucky then :(

            i did check their terms and conditions and it indeed does say "clearance" items are no-go so i didn't question their decision.

            • @coldazure: Amazon have PMed so maybe grab from them. Yes, the T&C is always there, but it still depend on the shop you visited and people you talked to. Sometimes they don't really follow the rules 100%

    • Geez, literally just received Triangle Strategy from Amazon @69. Still haven't even plugged in the cartridge yet!

  • its all sold out for me.

    • You may still count on Amazon, who knows

      • ngl, I'm just waiting for JBHIFI to open to price match. Last HN purchase was disaster.

        • Headsup. JB via online said they could do 61$ at best for Triangle strategy and GTA

  • Rats, missed golf :(

  • Triangle Strategy sounds more like a project code name than the final product’s

    • Agreed, very straight forward

    • +2

      Ahh, see that's where you're wrong.

      When this was in development it was called Project Triangle Strategy.

      The final name is much more streamlined.

    • Squeenix seems to do that a lot on the Switch. Bravely Default and Octopath Traveller come to mind.

    • or maybe one of the earlier names given to Phil Jackson's top sets in his playbook

  • Super rush sold out sadly

  • aaaaand triangle strategy is gorn…

    • Dam, was hoping Amazon would price-match before it went OOS.

      Amazon has matched.

  • +2

    For everyone's information, Amazon has just joined the party. Triangle Strategy ordered.


  • NEW:
    Amazon Price Matching @ $40(RRP $69) - Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition - Nintendo Switch
    Link: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B09K76CW4M/ref=ox_sc_sa...

  • Wow… The one time I don't check, Mario party superstars goes on sale. Actually Devo.

    • All the titles with the name "Mario or Luigi" always selling very well.
      Waiting for Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon's titles, Splatoon 2, Donkey Kong Country, Ring Fit Adventure,
      Super Mario Party, Super Mario 3D, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing to be on "sale" this month, if any…hehehe

    • +1
      • +1


        Immediately hit buy now and didn't even double check lol.

  • +1

    Amazon AU has price-matched Mario Party Superstars

    • Both OOS or expired.

  • +2

    Found that Joyce Mayne has Mario Party Superstars for $40 also (+delivery) https://www.joycemayne.com.au/mario-party-superstars-nintend...

    • Thanks. Missed out both HN and Amazon deals and this isn’t too bad with just $6 more for the delivery fee as there is no click and collect option.

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