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45% off Filter Roast Burundi Buyengero Single Origin Coffee: $33/kg Including Free Shipping @ Coffee on Cue


Hi OzBargain,

We're very excited to announce and share with you all our very first filter roasted single origin coffee.

It's from Burundi, and presents juicy plum and floral hibiscus notes, with a spicy black tea finish - this cup is complex, clean and delicate.

To celebrate, grab it now at 45% off - there is very limited stock available so don't delay.

We've got our 1x 1kg size available for only $33 including free shipping. Should you wish to buy more than 1kg, simply adjust the quantity in your cart.

You can select between Australia Post and Couriers Please with our free shipping option, and upgrade to express shipping for $5 via Australia Post Express.


  • Available in whole beans only
  • Shipment delay is not available
  • Splitting into smaller bags is not available
  • Coffee roasted up on Thursday 19th May
  • First orders dispatched from Friday 20th May

Given it's our first ever filter-specific roasted coffee, we welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you.

The Coffee on Cue Store team x

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  • Good price on a filter roast washed bourbon.

    But not sure how many people would get through 1kg of beans in the time the beans are still fresh lol.

    That's a lot of cups.

    Good luck in the filter world.

    • +2

      You can freeze some.

        • +7

          Yeah nah, bit of a coffee snob, and freezing coffee is fine when done right.

  • -1

    Vacuum freezing is not what I am assuming they meant above

  • Would this be ok for moka pot or would it be better suited to things like French press?

    Or would it not really matter?

    • +3

      The difference between a filter and espresso roast is that the "espresso" version is roasted darker, the reasoning I think, is that a darker roast tastes better with milk and a lighter roast "tastes better black"***(personal preference). To answer your question these beans are light roasted, and its purely up to personal taste whether you will like light roasts or not, the brew method shouldn't matter too much. If you haven't had a light roasted coffee I would suggest you try some, but I maybe wouldn't buy 1kg to start off, as they can taste quite different. For reference most of the coffee deals on OzBargain are medium roast or dark roast.Examples: Lime blue are medium, Airjo are medium - dark, Lavazza Oro is medium, Vittoria is dark, most fancy/specialty coffee places are serving light-medium.

      • Thanks for that helpful explanation!
        Is there any further way to “describe” what a lighter roast taste like? Sourness? Bitterness? Lingering after tastes etc

        And if we decide to use this lighter roast for an expresso or latte with a Breville machine, would you reckon it still tastes ok as well?

        • +2

          Broadly speaking, light roasts are lighter bodied, which to me makes them taste more "tea like". They also tend to be: less bitter, more sour and have more "floral or fruity sweet aromas"***. Also a coffee with lots of "fruit" tasting notes won't taste like fruit juice, it still tastes like coffee and as far as I understand they are employed more like tasting notes in beer or wine, most people won't notice the difference between "plum", "orange" or "coca cola".

          Regarding your second question, you can use any bean with any method and it's common to use a light roast for espresso so I wouldn't worry about it. Although, I wouldn't use a light roast in a latte as it will taste weak when mixed with lots of milk and the sourness with milk can also taste weird. If you drink your coffee without milk, I think it's really down to individual taste and the only way to know for sure is to try, if what I described sounds appealing, I would go for it. To give some more pro's and cons, most coffee "elitists" swear by lighter roasts for its lack of bitterness, sweetness and "nuance of flavour" but many others dislike the sourness or just plain prefer smooth roasty and chocolate flavours. If you're more on the fence but are curious, you could look to try some if it was convenient. Usually single origin coffee(ones with a country and location name) made as filter/batch brew or straight espresso at a specialty/fancy coffee place is almost always light to medium light roast.

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