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iPhone 12 Mini 256GB (Blue) $964.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi Everyone,

Blue colour iPhone 12 mini 256gb is currently listed on Amazon for $964.95 delivered (23% off the RPR).

Their 64gb is 999 and 128gb is $1079, which makes the 256gb a good bargain.

Sold & delivered by Amazon.

You can price beat with Officeworks as they sell the same colour and model for more discount.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    Waiting for 13 mini price drop… Might finally switch from Android

    • Same here. Was holding out for a decent sized pixel that had at least premium features that wasn't uncomfortable to hold. So time to make the switch.

  • +8

    The battery on the blue one lasts longer.

    • +12

      The red one has a faster processor though

      • +9

        Green one is better for the env

    • lasts longer.

      Enough to convince her I guess

  • +7

    The brown one is sh..

  • +4

    I think the pink one was shot in the end?

  • -3

    Half day battery life for $965

      • +3

        Liveable if you only stay in your room

        • Liveable if you use your phone for half the day

        • Wired apple car play and magsafe battery pack for my iPhone 12 mini is okay for me to not change my phone to the 13 mini yet or swap over to Android.

  • +4

    I wish mini phones were more popular with android.

    • +4

      Same, I havent upgraded my oneplus 5 for that same reason, all phones are HUGE! I'd rather have a fatter phone to increase battery life than a giant screen.

      • +1

        funny how so many have this requirement yet the manufacturers arent listening

        • What? Apple is on ozbargain 😏

        • Apple is abandoning the mini as well, there probably won't be an iPhone 14 mini this year. There's simply not enough sales to justify maintaining the small form factor, unfortunately.

          • @deadpoet: So weird because a lot of people I know have been waiting for years for a small iPhone (non SE)

            • @havok44: Problem is with the pricing. Giving price difference between mini and normal is almost non existent.

              Once they get rid of the mini Apple can put a bigger screen into the SE without worrying about cannibalization.

      • That’s why they fold now … lol

    • Galaxy S22 is a pretty compact phone by modern standards. Maybe get your hands around one to see if it'll suit you. I have an S21 and wish I'd held out because, while not worth upgrading from S21, the small change in dimensions is noticeable.

      • I also have an s22. The s22 is "huge" compared to the 12 mini. Not my daily driver though due to size.

        • Interesting. Can't say I've held the Mini in-hand. The size sounds appealing; lesser so frustrations I tend to encounter with iOS' limitations.

    • My Samsung S10e is still going strong. Good size and battery life.

  • gsmarena give it the same endurance rating as a Pixel 3.

    The 13 Pro Max is equal to Redmi Note 10 5G.


  • "The 13 Pro Max is equal to Redmi Note 10 5G."

    I bet nobody has ever said that before.

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