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[NSW, QLD, VIC] Extra 10% off All Fresh Meals When You Spend $145+ @ Cooked Up


22% to 30% Off Meals - Till 31 May 2022
➕Just Add Coupon code: MAYEXTRA10 when you make a purchase over $145.
Max Limit per order is $550


✅Buy 16+ meals and save 22% with the coupon MAY10EXTRA
✅Buy 24+ meals and save 30% with the coupon MAY10EXTRA

👉 Get Hooked Up on Cooked Up
🌎A World of Flavours
😋 Big On Taste Big On Results
💯FRESH not FROZEN, That's Our Difference
💯 Locally Sourced Ingredients from 🇦🇺Australian Farmers
Meal Prep Food Delivery Online Store Specialising in:
💪 Protein Muscle Meals
🎚 Weight Loss Meals
⚖ Balanced Meals
🆓 Gluten-Free Meals
🍅 Vegetarian & Vegan Range
🍪 Snacks
🥑 Keto Meals

Keeping IT Fresh
Our meals have a 16 Day Shelf Life from the day it is packed.

Since our cut off for orders is Wednesday 8am, we cook all our meals fresh on the next day being a Thursday & pack on Friday in our new skin film packaging. Therefore if you receive your order on:

Saturday: Shelf Life of 15 Days
Sunday: Shelf Life of 14 Days
Monday: Shelf Life of 13 Days
Tuesday: Shelf Life of 12 Days
Wednesday: Shelf Life of 11 Days
Please check each package for the expiry date.

COOKED UP cannot take responsibility for meals that were not consumed before the expiry date.

** Please note: if meals are frozen before the expiry date you will get 12 weeks shelf life**

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    I read that as coked up meals and got overly excited….(profanity), I'm a degenerate.

  • +2

    Just flagging that the coupon code is MAYEXTRA10 rather than MAY10EXTRA (both are used above in various places, but only MAYEXTRA10 actually works on the Cooked Up site).

  • Never tried these guys, menu looks good will give it a go

  • Feedback after trying 8 or so meals. They're really quite good. Very similar vibe to MyMuscleChef, and I'm very happy to have some different meals to rotate to. Real ingredients, prepared nicely, can use fresh or freeze. For the price above am happy with purchase.

  • Last day for the discount - just a reminder to all

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