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Surfshark VPN 2-Year Plan for A$81.36 (New Customers Only) + 97% ShopBack Cashback (Expired) @ Surfshark


A new and improved version of this deal with cashback increasing from 90% to 97%. This can be stacked with a Shopback specific coupon for 2 Year Plan for US$47.76 (New Customers Only).

Mod note: US$47.76 price is unobtainable. The discounted price is A$81.36 for 2 years.

Update May 18: Shopback cashback expired

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  • +3

    Anyone using these guys? how are they for…sailing the high seas

    • +3

      arrr me want to know too matey

    • +2

      For a cheap VPN, it's the best I have used. Nothing fancy. But speed and latency is above average. Geo unlock with streaming service works.

    • +1

      NordVPN bought them

      • +1

        Probably the reason why all their IP addresses change after a few days of using them on a router. Always starts off on a 45.x.x.x, 3 or 4 days later, usually a 180.x.x.x or 163.x.x.x

        Speed has been crap lately too.

      • +1

        They didn't buy them. They merged to form a join company, both will continue to operate as separate enterties but sharing technical and marketing info. Read the announcement https://nordvpn.com/blog/nord-security-surfshark-merger-agre...

        • Sorry, I cannot trust the advice of a person who cannot spell entitties.

    • Good for watching overseas streaming content like US Netflix. I think that alone is worth the price.

      However, I could never get it to to work for purchases like buying NBA Pass via South Africa etc.

      • i can never get it to work for USA netflix, am i doing something wrong?

        • Make sure you're totally logged out of Netflix first.

          • @Ryanek: Log out and log back in for the VPN? or just close browser for eg.

            • @blinkybro: Log out then launch the VPN, the log back in. If you're watching on a TV, kill the app first via the settings.

    • I use these guys. Been using for 6 months.

      Fine for streaming UK tv Freeview (e.g. channel 4, BBC).

  • The sea is much carmer over the other side. ;)

    • What is this? VPN?

    • Does Usenet have as much content as torrents?

      • +1

        Usenet has as much content as torrents, the only problem is that they are subject to takedowns. Some files are partially destroyed so that they are still there but the download fails. Speed is fantastic on Usenet, no seeding and security make it a winner though… If you don't mind paying for it

        • +1

          Content is subject to takedowns but they get reposted. Just a small inconvienience. :)
          No waiting for seeds to speed-up your download, its full speed straight from start to end.
          And with encrypted connection no need for a vpn.
          I would say there's more content on Usenet than torrents.

  • Haven't used a VPN before, is it easy to switch on/off?

    Main reason I am considering to use one is that I want to buy cheap Xbox GPU 😉

    • Basically just an on/off switch on the app. Quite simple to change between your regular IP and Surfshark server IP.

    • Just do a free trial if its just for gpu..

  • Does it saturate NBN 100? Looking for a VPN to run my torrent client and indexers through on a media server.

    • Can't speak for NBN 100, since I can't achieve it (yay FTTN). But I get about 40-41mbps without being connected to my local Brisbane server and about 38-39mbps while connected.

    • In my experience it is pretty close. Most of the time it almost saturates my 100mbps connection. I just tested it now (Sydney connecting to Sydney server) and got 99.4 over wifi and 103 with it off. For me it's very much worth the price. Sydney to Brisbane I got 86 and Sydney to Melbourne I got 94.

  • Are we meant to purchase this through shopback or do we just use the code shopback and it'll track? Sorry. Newbie to cashback offers

    • You use the shopback extension through your browser or the phone app. Personally, I'd recommend using the phone app since it uses its own internal internet browser that isn't affected by things like ad blockers or other possible cashback tracking issues.

      If using regular web browser, assuming you've signed into the extension through your shopback account, you just activate the cashback when on the surfshark site. If on mobile app, you search for surfshark and it'll take you to the site and you do it through there.

      If you have any tracking issues, such as you don't see the cashback pending on your account within a few days, they offer 30 day money back, so you can cancel through surfshark and get your money back.

  • Bit confused: if we're going to create new account thru shopback, then what is this code used for?

    • +1

      You don't need to create a new shopback account. If you've already used surfshark, you use a new email address to get the cashback since it is for "new customers". The code is to lower the price for the surfshark subscription AND it's a code that is listed on the shopback site, since you can only use discount codes mentioned on shopback surfshark promo page or it could render the cashback invalid.

      • Thanks for the explanation. So to a new customer as I am, the code is regardless. Is that right?

        • +2

          Correct. The only purpose of that code is to lower the price from "normal" Surfshark subscription cost to the $81.36 mentioned, like any promo code really. Just a heads up too, at checkout, you can select USA as your location so you don't pay the 10% GST extra. Have bought both surfshark and nordvpn in the past, and as others have mentioned too, it tracks and pays out just fine.

  • Where is the VPN located? What are its logging policies ?

  • So $81.36 is already advertised on Surshark's website. Will using Shopback refund 97% ($78.91)??

    • $75.32 is what I got back

      • Thanks @rocky7st. Do you get $75.32 in your Shopback account? Sorry I have never used Shopback before.

  • +2

    Showing up as "up to 25%" cashback on the app. Anyone confirm its actually 97%?

    • Not sure if the offers finished but I did it last night and got $75.32 cashback as listed on my shopback account as pending.

    • Ye, back to 25% cashback now

  • +2

    FYI, now that the cashback sucks, use code REDDITSPECIAL for much bigger discount + 4 months free

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