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LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 $279 (RRP $319.99), 10278 Police Station $239 (RRP $299.99) Delivered / C&C @ MYER


New Lego Boutique Hotel 10297 modular building released this year. First time I've seen it drop down from RRP $319.99.

Also other various Lego sets on sale.

Stock was light for C&C but free standard delivery applies.

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  • Rrp for lego has gone up. Gone are the days of sub $200 for modular buildings.

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      When was RRP for a modular building ever $200?

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    Love these but the collector completionist in me can't jump in knowing can never get the early ones anymore. :(

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      Don’t let that stop you, the earliest ones are not as good as the newer sets. I started with Brick Bank and don’t really care for anything before that.

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        Yeah I agree, some of the older ones don't hold up or match as well. Space is my main issue, they did an official mini modular set awhile back and it gives me the same feel for 1/4 the space, kinda wish I went with a smaller scale, there are tons of other companies that do smaller modulars too for way cheaper than Lego.

        • the answer is to buy a bigger bigger building to store your lego buildings :P

          • @slowmo: the older one doesn't have interior, a long time ago, i saw cafe corner displayed in David Jones store, I love it so much that i brought it home right away, then came the green groccer and market place, and then i realised this is a series, they are going to make more and more, and since I don't have enough space to put all these building so i stopped buying from there.

            • @KKHT: meant to buy a bigger house (irl) to store more houses :P

              space for lego is always a challenge, and it's so hard to cater for dust prevention as well. my UCS falcon and the titanic is still in the box (ive opened it to look but decided not to build) because I have yet to figure out where to put the built set in my small house.

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        Old ones are loads better and keep the value

        • They aren't better. They have bare or no interior. Newer buildings have detailed interiors, use evolved/improved building techniques, and make use of a broader piece library/colours.

          Owners of older sets sometimes see things through rose-coloured glasses IMHO.

          Also, the older modulars aren't always better value/"investment". For example:
          - 2010's Grand Emporium, msrp $250, is now $650, CAGR 15.7%.
          - 2016's Brick Bank, msrp $250, is now $780, CAGR 30%.

          src: brickeconomy random "tending" sets on front page.

          • @DevGuy: Town hall pet shop fire brigade are loads better then the boutique hotel garbage and who opens a modular to play with the insides?

            Also brick bank was out for less time then grand emporium look at town hall prices for eg

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    Used the gift card. Got the police station for $225.

  • 4% ShopBack

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      only 1.5% on toys. cashrewards 2% on toys

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