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Baseus Portable Air Pump 12V US$29.87 (~A$43.47) Delivered @ Baseus AutoTreasture AliExpress


On sale is this Baseus portable air pump that runs off your vehicle's 12V socket and it has a 3 metre power cord so it's able to more easily reach the tyres around your vehicle. With this you no longer have to worry about using dodgy pumps at petrol stations.

Edit: Can be had for A$43.99 with select postcodes on eBay

There's a display and buttons for setting the pressure, setting to PSI or BAR, start/stop and an inbuilt flashlight if it's dark etc. 4 different adaptors are included for cars, bicycles, balls etc.

Compared to the popular Xiaomi Air Pump 1S this offers 30L/min inflation compared to 15L/min in the Xiaomi making the Baseus much quicker to inflate. However the Xiaomi Air Pump has the advantage of an inbuilt battery instead of relying on the 12V socket.

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  • I would just get it from eBay:

    @amer Ebay plus members can use their $5 voucher in this ebay listing.

    • You sure? I have eBay Plus, the item isn't listed as being an eBay Plus item and my code doesn't apply. Even then it would still cost more and this is OzBargain where it's about the lowest price.

      Plus use cashback and you're looking at ~A$41.30 for this.

      • I opened that link and the $5 prompt shows up with my eBay plus code PLUS5C————

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    Compared to the popular Xiaomi Air Pump 1S this offers 30L/min inflation compared to 7L/min in the Xiaomi

    1s is 15L/m, 7L/m is the regular mi pump.

    • My bad thanks.

  • Useful? Anyone have real world experience with this?

  • +1

    Looks similar to the Aldi one?

  • Dang, at first I thought this was battery powered, would be amazing to have twice the air throughput of the Xiaomi 1S in a battery-powered pump.

  • Honestly? Keep away from these. They simply put don't have the volume or power to pump tyres with any real confidence.

    You're better off waiting for a 12v compressor to go on sale.

    • +1

      This is a 12v compressor…

      • I mean one of the larger ones with a larger piston and standard air fittings, like this

  • Here's a quick review I found:

    It performs pretty much like I expected, there's definitely compromises for a unit this small, it seems to vibrate quite a bit.

  • Its 33.31 now on ebay with PLSAVE20 code

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