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Get 5000 Reward Points When You Link Everyday Rewards Card and Spend $50 on Health & Wellness Products @ healthylife


Get 5000 Reward Points When You Connect Reward Card and Spend $50 @ Healthylife

Enjoy shopping

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Referee receives a $20 discount coupon applicable to an order valued over $70 (order value excludes rapid antigen tests and practitioner only products).
Referer receives a $20 discount coupon applicable to an order valued over $70 after the referee has placed a qualifying order.

Referral offer ends 22-05-2023 and cannot be combined with other gift vouchers, coupons or promotional codes.

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  • So…2500 qantas points for 50 dollars? And for "free" you get some healthy product?? Is that right??

    • 5000 rewards points for woolies

      • And every 2000 with amex qantas, you can convert to 1000 qantas points..

        • +6

          I guess if you want to put it that way? It would be a pretty poor use of points though. 5000 rewards points is like 25 bucks to spend at woolies/big w.

          That's like me posting a deal for saving 5 bucks off a toaster… then you ask me why I'd want to get 5 pieces mcnuggets from buying this toaster. Yea 5 pieces mcnuggets cost 5 bucks but doesn't mean you gotta get it.

          • @Dr Fruit: OH I thought converting to Qantas points was the best method. What other method is there? Can you still get gift cards, i thought they had stopped that.

        • +4

          But also yes you're right I looked around there's not really anything there I'd buy. Maybe RATs?

  • +3

    Popped up a $10 off thing if I gave them my email address as a first time shopper too. Now to find something I actually want on here.

    • -1

      I had to add my email to sign up but didn’t notice any $10 off

      I added my email via Shop Back for the code but don't think I'll be able to use both the $10 off and 20% Cash Rewards

      • +8

        ShopBack and CashRewards aren’t two terms you can use interchangeably!

  • -2

    Their sales might be struggling after the great RAT shortage of 2022 ended

  • +7

    Looks like 20% cashback on Cashrewards too. Capped at $25, ends 11:59pm today 17/5/22

  • -1

    $50 spend =

    $10.00 off first purchase
    $10.00 off (20%) CR over $50
    $25.00 Rewards points
    $ 0.00 Postage over $50

    • +3

      But you might need to spend $60 as you getting $10 off just a thought

    • +1

      Cashrewards says cashback not eligible if using a code (which is required for the $10 off for first purchase)?

    • +1

      Cashback is ineligible on codes not listed on Cashrewards, currently no code is listed on cashrewards, so no double dip.

  • 100% correct, I should have put $60 dollar spend
    …yeh I'm hoping for double dip… as it says ….May

    Anyhow just spend the fiddie if you don't feel lucky

  • +4

    whats worth buying? most of them are pretty overpriced

    • I’m getting some Remedy Kombucha

      Overpriced but with all the discounts it works out cheap

    • +3

      If you like Grants toothpaste, the 4 packs at $12 are cheaper than CW.

    • +2

      17 Cliff energy bars for $15.15

      • Is there a link? Can only seem to find the individual ones for $4+ each.

    • +1
  • +4

    ….5000 pts tracked to Rewards account within twenty minutes. CR tracked for August

    • is $50 spending after $10 voucher or before?

      • After, also may not track as your using code.

    • +1

      CR tracked instantly (paid via credit card). Nothing yet on WWRewards, but only completed 3 minutes ago. $52 of good stuff for $25 of rewards dollars (5,000 points) and $10.40 from CR. NET: $16.60. Well well well worth it. NOTE: I didn't use the $10 of $50 voucher. I instead trust CR would be better (which it was, by 40 cents). I doubt both will work, but you never know.

      • +1

        did u use the 10 off 50 code?

        • +1


        • I did and they both worked

          • +1

            @SaintSteve: It may have worked at purchase but CR may not pay out which is the risk. You only stand to lose an extra ~$10 so perhaps worth trying.

            • @Master Bates: Yeah my thoughts were it's a similar discount just getting one of them so worth trying to get both

              • +1

                @SaintSteve: If CR tracks, great, and lucky you. But if not, it's not quite the same. With just CR and no site coupon, the $50 final total becomes 40, then 25 from Rewards to a net of $15. If you just get the site coupon and CR is later rejected, you get $60 worth of stuff for $25 (60 - 10 - 25 from rewards). So the difference is $50 for a new of $15, or $60 for a net of $25. You're paying the next 10 out of pocket.

                • @bk1973: Yeah good point. I was happy to take the risk as I was getting a good deal either way

    • Did you Boost on the app first or just link your Everyday Rewards card?

  • I just made an order for $60 with the $10 off for first order and Cash Rewards 20% off tracked as well

    I forgot to Boost on the Every Day Rewards App first which might cost me the 5000 points 😬

    • +1

      As long as you link you reward account, you will receive 5000 points, don't know whether you can get 5000 points twice if boosted in rewards app.

    • +1

      WW Rewards took almost an hour to show up for me. Be patient.

      • Did you Boost or just link your card?

        • +1

          Linked only. Didn't know you could boost via the app. Maybe that is why it took an hour instead of the 20 minutes that Ok-computer waited.

  • +1

    I can't find anything worth buying :/

  • Where do I find $10 off first purchase code?

    • +1

      It poped up when I was browsing and also when I went to Shop Back

    • +1

      It just showed up as I was shopping around on the site (after registering and linking my Rewards number). It was sort of a pop up on the page. Don't know if you can find it directly.

    • +2

      There’s a pop up to enter your details to get a code sent via email.

    • +1

      Thanks guys. Bought a bunch of kids toothpaste.

  • +3

    Was about to bite the bullet and spend $50/$60 after reading comments here.

    But didn’t end up buying anything so I guess I saved $50/$60 tonight!

    • +4

      LOL. Me too. Nothing worth buying for me.

      • +1

        Haha I’m glad I’m not alone!

  • +2

    For those who are struggling to find something to purchase, I have been using HealthyLife price reductions to buy Woolies Macro items for the past year or so:
    Hope this helps.

    Most recent order I purchased heaps of coconut oil, dates, nuts, seeds…these kinds of things. Good saving.

  • Anyone else got the referral discount coupon of $20 to share. It would be awesome to get a DM on this one


    Referral Program terms and conditions
    By entering the unique code and applying your discount, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs.

    In redeeming this offer you agree to receiving marketing communication.
    We reserve the right to withdraw or amend promotions at any time.
    This Offer is available online at www.healthylife.com.au only
    This Offer can only be applied once per transaction.
    This offer can only be redeemed on orders over $70.
    The discount code generated for your referee will exclude rapid antigen tests and practitioner only products and these collections do not count towards total order value of $70 as well.
    This offer ends on 22-05-2022.
    This Offer cannot be combined with other gift vouchers or any other coupon or promotional codes.
    This Offer is only valid for all customers placing an order over 70.
    Your $20 cashback will be awarded to you after a successful purchase.
    Successful Purchase defined as a purchase by a New Customer using your unique referral discount link and code for purchases on healthylife.com.au that is over $70.
    You can not redeem this offer yourself. In doing so, you will be going against our T&Cs which will decline your cashback.
    The discount code generated for your referee will exclude rapid antigen tests and practitioner only products

  • shopping at afternoon, got the reward point at night, qantas point received the next morning, smooth!

  • +1

    everyone talking about Qantas points… is it worth signing up for it? for someone that doesn't really fly or fly Quantas.

    • Hehe, yes, wondering the same thing.

    • use the points to redeem gift card and other stuff from Qantas store. products come from JB HIFI

  • +1

    Dr Bronner's soap is competitively priced.

  • +1

    If you connect through the Qantas shopping website to Healthy Life, you can also get 3 points for $1 spent.

    • damnit I wish I knew this earlier! but thanks for the tip. I'll probably do this for my wife's account.

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