Fox Hat Phat Mongrel Beer Carton 24x 375ml 6.5% Alc. $75 (Was $137) + Shipping @ Sippify


A big phat rounded American style stout finished with a nitro charge.
Deep black in colour, with a deliciously creamy head.

Perfect to enjoy in winters.

Best Before 3rd August 2022 | 200 Cartons Left

Freight Charges: from $9 Metro shipping, $10 Regional shipping, $10 TAS, NT shipping and $12 Remote shipping.

Order leaves the warehouse in 1-2 business days!

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  • +2

    Great beer. I bought one when it was $50 from the previous deal… not sure if I will buy one for an extra $25 though.

    • Same, also latched onto the earlier deal

  • Was $137 plus shipping - must be really good beer.

    • The holy grail of beer for that price! Jeez.

      Probably passed through a himalayan rare red panda and meticulously collected or something.

      At least they're 375mL I guess not cut down like all other craft beers.

      • +1

        Specially curated and selected malt and hops maybe?

  • -1

    What the fox hat?

  • -1

    Hrmm I want it but just a bit exy for what it is with that shipping I think. Inflation ey!

  • This is a great beer and a great buy at this price, ignore the BB date as a well made stout will last an extremely long time, especially in cans. If I didn't have three kegs of my own brews on the go at the moment I'd jump in!

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