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Logitech G G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PlayStation5 and PlayStation4 - $389 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The sim racing shifter for G29 and G920 Driving Force Racing Wheels. Add realistic shifting to your racing wheel setup and to the latest PC and console racing titles. Driving Force Shifter completes your racing rig with smooth six-speed shifting, authentic solid steel and leather construction, and built-in clamps for secure mounting to a table or racing rig. Get set for a high-performance shifting experience through every hairpin turn and straightaway.

Ebay plus having this item on sale as well little cheaper with code - TOPITUP

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    People on FB marketplace still trying to sell their used ones for this much (and more in some cases)..

    • +10

      There was a time you could get them new for 250-280 on OzB every now and then but not recently i have to say.

      • -1

        pretty sadge world we living in eh.

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    I presume these are USB, and therefore work on PC?

    I haven't had a wheel since the days of gamepad 15-pin inputs to your soundcard!

    • +1

      Indeed they do.

    • +1

      The nostalgia hit me hard with this post

    • +2

      Yeap, connect by USB (configure using Logitech G Hub). I would recommend the G920 which has the Xbox layout (and I assume XInput).

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        Yeap, connect by USB (configure using Logitech G Hub). I would recommend the G920 which has the Xbox layout (and I assume XInput).

        G29 (PS version) has more buttons, rotary dials and shifter light (although it's pretty small and I don't notice it), so I think that's the better buy. All major racing games work with it fine.

  • -3

    Logitech Wheel force feedback is the worst in the market. However, It's cheaper and often used by Ticktok "Forza racing sim professionals". Suggestion -> If you are into racing sims get yourself a Thrustmaster T300RS at least.

    • +3

      How much worse? T300RS Looks about 200 more expensive. Is the Thrustmaster worth the premium price?

      • +1

        If you have the budget, then Yes, but as mentioned before T300RS or above (T248 and TMX are not worth the price tag).
        G29 and its updated version G923 were using gear-driven force feedback and it feel horrible.

      • get a used one, Fanatec is good as well. even their basic gear driven model is much better than Logitech in my experience, but better to go for belt or DD. Though if you're unsure about this hobby then try a cheap one first.

    • is ticktok good?

    • +2

      Really depends how far you're diving into this hobby. As a beginner, it's perfect for the job and ticks all boxes for much cheaper. Plus they can be modded and are known for reliability.

    • +7

      Realistically, not a huge change if you aren’t running a whole rig. Nothing will feel like a real car or a simulation, so really spending $200 more to get a better force feedback style isn’t going to improve your safety experience dramatically.

      80% of people will use the wheel 10 times then never again. So why spend more

  • +6

    Got this new from HN for $299 in August last year
    Used it once and it’s lived in it’s box since….no ragrets.

    • Sell it, I just bought one second hand on gumtree for $325 :(

    • I feel that. I have had one of these for a long time. I rarely use it.

      My purchase was spurred on by romantic notions based on memories from secondary school and a well used Logitech Wingman Formula Force.

    • Same for me but add to that a $400 Next Level racing stand…

  • I have been using the G920 on the series x with a few games with the manual shifter. So far I have found Grid to be the best experience. Forza and F1 series just feels unresponsive/unrealistic with this wheel. The brake pedal is so stiff that even adjustment in the settings you can't get a realistic feel without modifying the pedal itself.

    The gap between say a realistic wheel and this is around $1000+. As a starter experience it's fine.

    • Grab one of These makes the brake much more usable.

      • Wow, I only just got my g920 for forza. But I already find it hard to push the brake to 100%. But to make it harder?
        It feels like it's rubber the last 30%
        I can't drive forza for shit tho

  • Reccomend spending the money on a decent Thrustmaster wheel.

    • what's your recommendation for a second hand wheel?

  • Check gumtree/marketplace where you are. These things flew off the shelves last year for home use, not everyone stuck with them - or they stuck with it and upgraded. I got a T300 wheel with some fanatec load cell pedals and a stand for $400 last week. No shifter though :(

    • That is a killing good bargain and you are still upset no shifter included?

      • Yeah because that was the one thing I was looking forward to when I went hunting the classifieds!
        I had an old G25 also sans shifter, and was really missing the shifter haha. But yes, a happy upgrade nonetheless :)

    • +3

      Get the aliexpress shifter, it's amazing, better than the logitech ones and even better than the thrustmaster ones, here is a link, and best of all its is soo much cheaper!!! I have the 6 + r.

  • Anyone know of JB will price match this?

  • +1

    Is this older model? The Good Guys are selling it for $274

    can be used for price match, if someone is lucky.

    • is it in stock anywhere?

    • no stock available anywhere

    • +1

      That's an older deal i think and that deal is instore only.

      Plus, no stock anywhere and I checked multiple locations.

    • the newer wheels are no different, the g29 is great so if you can get one at this price it's a steal

  • +1

    Why so much text about the Shifter in the description when it's not even the shifter?

  • +3

    don't listen to people who say this wheel is trash and to get the thurstmaster, yes a gear driven wheel like this isn't as good but it's worlds apart from using xbox controller or keyboard, tons of fun for all racing games, this is good value.

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