[iOS] Free - Health Widget - Steps Counter (Was $0.99) @ Apple App Store


I am using this Health Widget App. This app is really helpful for health-conscious people. bpm, Blood oxygen, Steps, Workout, weight tracker, Activity tracker and many more useful things. And also Exciting widget features

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Shourob Datta
Shourob Datta
Apple App Store
Apple App Store


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    Isn’t. Isn’t there a whole thing that does this built in?

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      They are built in

  • So is there subscription we need to pay monthly/yearly?

    • Basically, Free version is enough for daily life use, There is a purchase option, you can buy this with one month free cost of use.

  • Blood oxygen on a phone… 🤔

    • You need a Apple Watch for this purpose.

  • It shows $39.99 for me

  • This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.


    • While workout or running this time requires location , which show running track in the map

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    What extra value proposition are you offering that Apple's built-in Activity (on  Watch), Fitness and Health apps don't already provide?

  • Heart Point is a charming beauty, helps you to maintain a healthy daily life. Rather its providing widget, Data comparison. bla bla

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      Heart Point is a charming beauty, helps you to maintain a healthy daily life

      sounds like snake oil tbh.

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    Bait and switch

    Wowsers, thought app was quite good but then
    switching to freemium. A classic bait and switch.
    Will leave rating as previous but not impressed
    with the switch on existing users. Sorry deleted.

    App Store review.
    Also wonder how the data is managed.

  • OP do you work for Rovmik Studio or are you a one-man army?

    • Interesting question. I am a master's student, I along with my younger brother developed the code.

      • Nice work, judging by the app store screenshots - looks slick.

        This isn't your first app I assume?

        • Yeah, I have some other task prior on this.

  • So what does it do that Apple Health doesn’t do? Which I don’t need to pay anything for?

    • Already asked: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12144414/redir

      Judging by OP's remarkable silence on the topic, I can only assume they are selling snake oil.

      As the saying goes, this app is sherlocked by Apple.

    • The special feature is widget, Heart Points. and many mores, please explore.

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