[Switch] Bravely Default 2 $35 + $3.90 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $100 Order) @ Big W


Cheapest price currently compared to any other retailer.

Could price match at JB as Big W currently plenty of stock from have seen on the website at the time I checked.
Delivery was also available with stock at $3.90 extra.

I have seen my local JB not keep the copies on display and sometimes could be behind the counter so check stock with them properly.

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    I will be the annoying ozbargainer and mention you can get it for $25 at JB with the price matching and the $10 off coupon

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    My untouched $68 copy from launch hasn’t aged well..

    • that's a waste

    • if you brought xenoblade 2 instead, then it would be a totally different story.

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        Nah I took one for the team and paid $105 for it recently so you folks should see it getting reprinted and coming up on Amazon for like $40 soon.

      • *bought

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      Use Afterpay for a further $10 discount

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    Might be 50/50 price matching as the ad says 'clearance'

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    I played this and finished it on PC recently, and damn it was such a nostalgic feeling of remembering all those JRPG games I played as a kid and now I just want to play more simple games like this as a 30+ year old LOL!

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      Play Xenoblade

      • I concur, finally got around to Xenoblade DE recently and it's the most Final Fantasy-esque game (the good kind, think 7,8,9) I've played in a long while.
        Good to hear Brave is like that too.

        • Xenoblade's story is much better than BD2. BD2's overarching story was quite bland (especially if you played the previous ones), but the characters and the "small" stories were much better written than the main arc. However, I really enjoyed BD2's combat and class system more than Xenoblade.

          I would recommend BD2 if you want a classic Final Fantasy game (which it literally is) with all the modern design quality of life improvements.

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        It doesn't look like it's on PC. I still haven't gotten to using CEMU, I haven't even played the Zelda game yet which is very highly rated too. Thanks, I will add it to the list for when I get back to part-time work in the future.

        EDIT: Assuming it's the Xenoblade Chronicles Definite Editions, yes?

        • Yes. It's just Xenoblade, but the DE remaster has UX improvements, and an extra post-story chapter.

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    I still have not completed even 10% of zelda breath of the wild…and I still have several mario games that i either just played for a few munites or didnt bother touching them…

    • Thanks

    • hahaha i havent played most of the popular nintendo games as well

    • Ok got it

    • BOTW took me 24m and 15s to beat..

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        Username checks out?

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    About to start Bravely Default on 3ds

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      I just started this recently as well, going good so far! I want to buy a switch but I’m telling myself that I just work through more of my 3DS backlog before I can justify it

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        Did all the switch users not have a 3ds and play all these games already?

        I even got a 3ds once the new XL hit 99 bucks, I don't have this game in particular but that's because it was already expensive by the time I got it. I figured anyone shelling out 400 for a switch wouldn''t have had thay concern

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          I wish I'd bought a 3dsxl for $99. They're so much more expensive second hand now. That said, at least homebrew is dead easy.

          • @Charmoffensive: I was never in the nintendo camp, but when it hit 99 I watched a bunch of youtubes and then bit. The res is a bit low for such a decent sized screen, but it's pretty killer and the library is massive.the only issue was I bought it just before covid, and stopped travelling so barely used it. But I am back travelling now so could get some use

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      Good game! There's a fairly repetitive section late in the game, but if you push through, the pay-off is worth it.

  • the Ori double pack is also on clearance for 29$

    • Good price but limited stock

    • Very limited stock. Can not find it locally

    • Which store is this?

    • at big w?

      • yea, picked one up at big w kingsway, over here in W.A

        • Cool. I'll check in store later. Thx

  • Got it for $10 at Target

  • i just brought triangle strategy this week, so i will pass for this game.

  • I loved demo & last two 3DS games! I purchased it for $69 from Amazon AU & never played yet due huge backlog. [Skull emoji]

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