Hoffree 140cm Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk US$189.99 (~A$274.02) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Banggood have another height adjustable standing desk on sale from their AU warehouse and bigger than the 110cm one previously posted. It has an adjustable height of 73cm~118cm, 140cm in length, buttons for controlling the height, max load of 80kg, a large mousepad, cup holder, headphones holder an an AU plug.

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    was very close falling fall this scheme…too bad, because the product looked awesome. Still can't see something similar on the 'real' market for a table like this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ergoplax/ergoplax-ergon...

    • This looks amazing. Why do you say fall for this scheme?

      • Look at the comments on the kickstarter

        • oh…ok….have never tried kickstarter but always thought the platform would help secure your money but it seems from the comments, you are on your own in case of loss.

          • @rdhupar: never follow kickstarter…. even if you get it … first productions are alwayas bugged out

    • +1

      far out. Kickstarter cannot intervene? what a scam.

      from a quick search same looking desk is on OW

    • Omnidesk has some similar looking desks once you include the add-ons

      Not cheap though…

  • I am very keen to find out this table users review. It also appears that it has single motor, not dual.
    I am looking for a reasonably priced 1600mm table but it appears that I can live with 1400mm as long as it is value for money…. hence why I am here with my fellow bargainers.

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      I got this the last deal for my son and regret it for one reason: the top it's not a single piece. It's actually two pieces of wood and you have a line down the middle where they join that is conveniently covered by the mat.

      • +1

        That’s gross.

      • Thanks for the heads up
        Saved me from making the same mistake

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        I guess hence the price.

      • you can try gluing it together and put some colour putty on the line and sand it out to make it look like a whole piece.

      • Thank you.

      • If you don't mind me asking, is it just a visual issue, or are you concerned it will affect the strength of the table top?

        Would you have any concern using a monitor arm on a table such as this (I'm wondering what the centre of gravity would be like with the table fully raised and 10km of monitor/arm hanging from the edge)?

  • +1

    I'm looking for a 1800mm but it seems to be not many deals for this size.

    • this one is also kinda not deep enough for me 600mm deep.
      so i think it is better for me to just find a deal of the frame, and try to find a table top from somewhere else that matchs my needs.

  • Other possibilities are the sit stand under frames from IKEA. Then reuse a desk top cut to size
    One example https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/trotten-underframe-sit-stand-f-...

  • Can anyone provide a review/feedback on this item?

    • Unfortunately, I received a Geemax Exercise Bike instead of the desk, so not sure what happened there.

      • Well, all you need is dress up for exercise now-


        • Yes, might have been useful in your case with the lockdown for the past months :)

      • @purple1 I received another desk that wasn't sit/stand. Do you think we've been had?

        • Seriously? Their warehouse dispatcher must be on something!
          Banggood offered to resend the item, I really hope it's the right desk this time :)

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