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Menulog: 50% Cashback on Delivery Orders (Capped at $10 Per Transaction) @ Cashrewards


A nice big 50% cashback increase at Menulog for Delivery Orders that's capped at $10 per transaction. Ends tonight at 11:59pm AEST.

As usual be sure to check the terms below:

Cashback is eligible on delivery orders only.

Cashback is ineligible (1) if using any codes or offers unless specifically listed on Cashrewards (including payment with credit/debit cards that have their own Menulog cashback offers); (2) on orders paid by cash; (3) on pickup orders.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +8

    It would have been great if pickup was allowed.

    • Can't have the cake and eat it!

      • cause it makes you fat?

      • But there is no point having a cake if I can't eat it.

  • +11

    Service + delivery fee wipes out half the saving..

    • +7

      Not to mention the hyper inflated prices of menu items for most stores… Coupled with beyond lacklustre and non-existent customer service….

      amazes me how Menulog is still around.

      • The whole delivery landscape is inflated. Deliveroo claimed to have 20% off Red Rooster menu items but once you went thru checkout, they had jacked the delivery and service fee so it was the same overall cost as Menulog 🤦

        Only doing it cos I'm in iso but it's certainly not as cost effective as it was even two or three years ago with food delivery etc.

        • If I was in iso, I'd just get one of my family to drop off food, and using the delivery fee, they can order on my tab. That way at least both of us gets a feed.

  • +2

    Fees are ridiculous..

  • +1

    Possible to pre order and be eligible for this?

  • If restaurant delivery is eligible, there are a fair number of places that do free or very cheap (under $5) delivery.

    Although I'm skeptical about this since my previous cashback with menulog was denied.

  • +2

    yeah nah, ordered yesterday via menulog for a 12pm delivery. Order got cancelled at 12:15, talked to menulog via online chat found that driver went there and found restaurant was closed. Understand it may not be menulog's fault, what made me not happy was the menulog consultant didn't care until I said I will lodge a complaint, then said he/she will escalate the issue. I am not holding too much hope on that.

    I had bad experience with Ubereats before, even though they are quite slow in responding to my questions but 9 out of 10 times I was offered something straight away.

    • Not sure why you get negged. I literally had same problems with pickup orders using Doordash twice in the past.

      • I guess because I showed a bit favouritism? Anyway I was just sharing my recent experience, and more importantly have a plan B no matter which platform you are ordering.

    • +2

      Menulog is the only one that has simply delivered me nothing at all a few times, after making me wait 90+ minuets. Deliveroo will occasionally take my order and take over 2 hours to deliver it. Doordash was really bad at the start but nowadays it's pretty good. Tbh Uber Eats is actually the best, places near your house will have low delivery and if the markup is low you end up only paying a few dollars more for your meal to be delivered (i.e. at my local cafe a $15 meal will be delivered to my house for $18.50, not that bad).

    • last night i ordered at 6.25 pm via menulog, meal was delivered at 8.29 pm

  • +4

    Can’t wait for cashback to be cancelled again

    • Oh that reminded me to check my status from the last Menulog cashback they had. It got declined.. don't think I'll bother trying again.

  • Have had multiple menulog cashback being cancelled before although I did not use any discount codes. Won't bother with Menulog cashback offer anymore.

  • +4

    only $10 cap? So if I place a $20 order and pay the cheapest delivery I can see being $4, that's $24 total, and $14 net after discount. Basically can just get a $20 spend with $5 off using menulog discount, and using pickup. So net $15.

    Yayyyy! I saved $1.

    • But it gets delivered lol

      some places have free delivery too

  • I don't get the $5 off codes anymore

    • +2

      this one guy pretty much shares the menulog code he gets everyday. Should be usable for everyone.

      Check his post from today:

      • Do you know if the 50% cashback would work with this code or nah?

        • No it won't.

        • Given the coupon code is not listed on cashrewards, as per their T&Cs I would say it won't

  • Does this stack with mad mex free delivery offer?

  • -2

    cba has offer 30-15 for menulog —- can stack together

    • +1

      You might want to check the cashback terms in the deal. You'll void your cashback.

      • -1

        I dont believe that is the case, CBA cashback normally only cares about how much is the spend in my experience. Cashback is granted as long as the amount showing on statement is over the threshold, regardless other cashback, promote code etc. Happy to be corrected:)

        • Does CBA Rewards require you to use a CBA card?

          • +1

            @Clear: @baron33 @lflzg

            Please read the terms of the offer. You will void cashback:

            Cashback is ineligible (1) if using any codes or offers unless specifically listed on Cashrewards (including payment with credit/debit cards that have their own Menulog cashback offers); (2) on orders paid by cash; (3) on pickup orders.

            The transaction will track, but Menulog will decline at reconciliation time. Menulog will not pay two different publishers for the sale. Thanks.

  • Hi @TA I just placed an order for $25.96 and it has been tracked. Under Rewards it is saying $12.98. So am I getting $10 or $12.98 once approved?

    • +1

      You checked your acct before receiving your tracking email. It will adjust down to the cap after a few minutes.

      • Thanks. It did.

  • +1

    Menulog for Virgin Money customers
    "2,000 Bonus Virgin Money Points (Worth $9-$10) on $25+ Spend at Menulog @ Virgin Money (App Required)"

  • IS cashback paid on delivery or does it exclude delivery fee?

    ie do i need to spend $20 before delivery or $20 with delivery to get max rate?

    • Cashback is not paid on the delivery fee. (Source: experience from ordering today)

      • What about the service fee?

  • @tightarse The restaurant I am ordering from is literally across the street ? Do I still have to wait for the delivery or can I just go and pick it up? I selected delivery to be eligible for cash back.

  • Tightarse, does this work with restaurants that offer a 20% discount in app woth no codes required,?

    • Yeah @Tightarse I want to know too

      The place I want to order from are automatically taking 10% off

      Will this still work for Cashback?

  • It says $10 cap per transaction. So can there be multiple orders per cashrewards account?


    • +1

      During the 16 hour promo, cashback for Menulog is capped at $10 in total per transaction (multiple transactions permitted). Valid 8am to 11:59pm AEST 19/05/2022

      Source: from the link posted by OP

      • Thank you good sir!

  • CR app still not loading Menulog, have to use desktop browser. SB app seems to work fine though

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