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Air Canada Return Flights to Vancouver with 1-2 Week Stopover in Los Angeles: Depart Sydney $1113, Melb $1155, Bris $1488 @ IWTF


Air Canada is having a sale on flights to Vancouver with a 1-2 week stopover in Los Angeles on the way over. Lots of travel dates from July to November/22. Bags and Meals included. There is a short stopover in Vancouver on the way to Los Angeles - this can be extended if you wish. The longer stopover in LA can also be swapped so it is on the way home.

$1113 Sydney to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
29/Sep 24/Oct $1113 View Flight
29/Sep 31/Oct $1113 View Flight
06/Oct 31/Oct $1113 View Flight
13/Oct 07/Nov $1122 View Flight
13/Oct 14/Nov $1122 View Flight
20/Oct 14/Nov $1122 View Flight
25/Aug 19/Sep $1123 View Flight
21/Jul 15/Aug $1188 View Flight
08/Sep 03/Oct $1200 View Flight
01/Sep 26/Sep $1201 View Flight

$1155 Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
26/Oct 28/Nov $1155 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1155 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1155 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1155 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1155 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1210 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1210 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1210 View Flight
11/Oct 07/Nov $1214 View Flight
05/Oct 07/Nov $1236 View Flight
12/Oct 14/Nov $1240 View Flight
05/Oct 15/Nov $1286 View Flight
05/Oct 14/Nov $1293 View Flight

$1488 Brisbane to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
12/Oct 14/Nov $1488 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1488 View Flight
26/Oct 28/Nov $1488 View Flight
02/Nov 05/Dec $1488 View Flight
04/Oct 31/Oct $1504 View Flight
11/Oct 07/Nov $1504 View Flight
18/Oct 14/Nov $1504 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • +4

    good price - ruined by having a week in LA

    • +1

      Hi - you can replace LA with San Fran/Vegas etc

      • i cant even work out how the flights work? It looks like its flying from Brisbane to Vancouver - then to LA……….then from LA to Vancouver to Melbourne

        Can I just get off in Vancouver and holiday there and fly out of there in 2 weeks? - I cant work out if this is for a trip to America or a trip to Canada haha

        • Yeah same looks like it’s

          Sydney - Vancouver
          Then immediately fly Vancouver - LA
          Stay in LA for a week
          Then fly LA - Vancouver
          Then Vancouver - Sydney

      • Seattle?

      • My suggestion is go to San Francisco. Lovely city and quite walkable if you don’t mind the workout. Particularly good to hire a car and go to Yosemite for a couple of days.

        Vegas is OK but not for a week and only so you can visit the Grand Canyon. Now that is spectacular.

        Now if you could get to New Orleans, that would be something.

    • Yea, heard it’s a sh*thole

      • Selling Sunset huh?

      • I, really, don’t like it. You have to drive, everywhere, and there, really, isn’t much to see. Maybe Universal Studios? Maybe pop down to Disneyland in Anaheim. But not in LA itself.

    • I was there a fortnight ago. Stayed in Pasadena which is nice and quiet, then spent a day driving through the Angeles National Forest. It's not really classed as LA but it was spectacular and almost no traffic in the park. I really want to go back now.

      • +1

        Have you been to Yosemite? It can get busy but if you go in the quieter months it is spectacular. The view from Glacier point watching the sunset across the half dime is magical.


        Been there a few times. Some great walks and waterfall spots. They also have a bus system that takes you around the park.

        • +1

          I went a few years ago for a long weekend and saw half dome at dawn. Really spectacular place.

          • +1

            @Mechz: We’ve done it a few times. San Francisco, and New Orleans, are my must visits when we go to America.

            Probably a good trip is go up the coast from LA to San Francisco stopping of at a few places; including the aquarium at Monterey. Stay in San Fran a few days; including riding a cable car on the running board. Then head across to Yosemite, stay for a few days. Do the hikes including Yosemite peak. Then come back inland down to LA to fly home.

            On this trip I once saw a place touting itself as a wildlife museum and rifle range. We also went past the navy weapons testing facility, in Nevada. We figured when the big earthquake hits, California slides into the sea, and the Navy has coastal property. Only in America. Also, do not listen to redneck radio; your mind will explode.

  • +4

    Hopefully a week is enough time to transfer at LAX!

  • Curious, how does this work if you just fly to LA or SF then don't take the Canada flight? I'm actually looking for flights to SF in September, but one way…

    • I've heard people doing this but it's against airline policy and you could be banned from flying with them in the future

      • Really?! Seems drastic considering they still get the money and are flying with less weight/check-ins etc

        • Yeah but you'd still be paying less than what a flight to SFO would cost potentially. That being said a lot of people do this and check out skiplagged if you're after such flights

  • United airline might offer cheaper direct flight to LAX/SFO. I managed to get a ticket to Salt Lake City with 3 days stopover in LA for $11XX during Sep-Oct school holiday recently(booked directly with United). Their price fluctuates a lot, you need to keep monitoring it and play with the dates.

  • Those ex BNE flights appear to be returning to Brisbane… Might cause issues.

    • Hi - fixed that. Now all returning to Brisbane.

  • Op, looking at return to Vegas in Feb/March 23 with a few day stopover in Hawaii on way home any suggestions?, As soon as put in multi stop price goes through roof

  • Looks like all the bookings are through weird-ass third party sites. Might be OK if there are no issues, but my recent experience is that delays/cancellations are pretty common and heaven help you if you have to deal with their call centres

  • Can i use supervised RAT test to enter USA?

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