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20,000 Flybuys Points for a Coles Personal Loan ($5000-$50,000), $0 Establishment Fee, $0 Monthly Fee, $0 Exit Fee


The one-off establishment fee of $199 will be waived only if you are targeted. Your browser must also accept cookies for the waiver to appear.

Monthly fees from previous deal are now waived for new loan applications. (Usually $10 per month.) $0 early loan termination (exit) fee.

20,000 FlyBuys points = $100 value

Applicant Loan amount Loan term Variable interest rate Comparison rate
Flybuys members $5,000 - $50,000 3 to 5 years 9.99% p.a. 10.28% p.a.
Non-Flybuys members $5,000 - $20,000 3 to 5 years 12.99% p.a. 13.28% p.a.

(Interest rate for Non-Flybuys members quoted for reference only.)

Seems to me you could take out a $5000 personal loan, activate, pay it off (?), close the account, then wait up to 6 weeks for your points to arrive - with the cost being your time, a credit check hit, and sharing your financial info. Assuming you’re targeted for this offer of course - the offer appears in my Coles/FlyBuys apps.

As a long time credit card junkie, sadly I was rejected on the spot. But others might have better luck than me. I have no prior experience with personal loans, so please DYOR if this product is suitable for you.

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    A one off Establishment Fee of $199 will apply.+ Plus, you’ll pay no monthly fee when you apply by 31 May 2022.~ Make sure you have your Flybuys card number ready when you click ‘Apply now’ to receive the Flybuys discounted member rate!

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    Each to their own, but it seems like a ridiculous thing to do to sign up to a personal loan just to get some flybuy points.

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    199 establishment fee, 20k flybuy points are not enough to cover it.

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    If this is similar to the spam offers that I got (Citi Ready Credit) then they imply that it will take an awful long time to get the bonus and during that time you will no doubt be slugged with all sorts of interest and fees.

  • Am I reading this right?
    Pay $199 to receive $100 in Flybuys?
    If so anyone considering can save the time and just send me $99 and I won't even check your credit score.

    • Try this link, sorry my original link got modified as I posted the deal.

      • Ah much better, free $100. Thanks OP

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          You must enter your Flybuys member number at the point of application to be eligible for this offer. You have been specifically selected for this offer and it is not transferable.

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    I get these offers every time I make a purchase on my Coles MasterCard, they offer cash advance for 20K points with 0% interest for 6 or 12 months and 0.1% est fee,
    DO NOT take the offer for $20K points as you may get stamped with a credit check on your file, even though I have Coles MasterCard and they offer cash advance for 20K points with 0% interest for 6 or 12 months. It's not worth it.

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