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Certa Big Wolf Air Compressor Tyre Inflator $17.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Cheap for a 12v powered air inflator. Not sure what the specs are but cheaper than others I have seen on OzBargain around the 40-50 mark.

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    I have the Xiaomi portable one, does the trick, without needing a power source, which is hard for me in an apartment.

    • How much you pay for it? Can it pump bicycle wheel too?

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        I too have the Xiaomi. Mine is the 1S version. I liken the feeling of getting it to that when I get a new phone. Its such a beautiful, practical, accurate (I've really tested it) thing - yet it's just a pump?! I'm holding it right now - yes, the pump. My wife made me laugh when I opened it by asking why I need such a big padlock (again, read carefully).

        I use it for my bike tyres, bike shocks - it's perfect for this - and kids soccer balls. It's one of those things I wanted for ages but couldn't seem to justify, now can't believe I lived without. Guess I'm a happy buyer!

        • yeah thats what one seasoned cyclist said too. but only get xiaomi?

          • @ozbar: Yes, unless you don't like the 500g weight.

      • Like lps said, it'll pretty much inflate anything. A car tyre, be warned though, to go from zero to hero will take a bit of time. However, I fixed a puncture on my driveway and didn't have to go to a fuel station! Now I can inflate my mates cars, motorbikes, all sorts of sports balls, bicycles,is what I've used it on so far. I'm really proud of it!

        Check if you can get the usb C version. I have the older micro usb version. No biggie though. Just wait for a deal to pop up and then get it.

    • Dude, you plug it into a car and it inflates the tyre, for $10, are you alright? What type of scam are you advertising and i bet you it beats your "portable" tyre inflator.

    • Good question. Same price too! Depends on real world battery life though.

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