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[PS5, eBay Plus] Back 4 Blood $17.67 Delivered @ Big W eBay ($19 C&C @ Big W)


Down from $39, further 7% off and free delivery with eBay plus. eBay plus is $4.99 for 1 month, otherwise you can grab it in store / C&C for $19 if handy. Other games at Big W

Medium PS5 $26.97 Delivered with PLSMAYY7 - 9 Remaining

Metacritic 77/100 / 5.4/10
Release Oct 7 2021

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  • +3

    As someone that loved Left 4 Dead and played it a lot of PC, this game just missed the mark for me.

    • +3

      A total stinker of a game. I'd say give it a few more months and it will go free to play.

      • +3

        Already on Gamepass and a steamkey was in a very generous charity humble bundle recently.

        Despite all that I've still only put a handful of play sessions into it and sort of let it drift into obscurity :/
        I like a progression skill system in a horde mode game like Killing Floor; but for a campaign objective-based drop in/drop out type of affair like L4D I don't want to worry about 'Builds' or what gear/skills compliment my bunch of randoms, I just want to jump in and play.

    • +2

      Yep I would have sunk a good few hundred hours into l4d and l4d/2. But this just felt… off?

      Though that being said back then there was not really a whole lot going on in gaming.. there is wayyyyy too much choice these days.

    • +3

      I was much the same at launch - played it a bit, but it didn't click.
      However, I've just recently started playing it again with a couple of mates and I think it's a night and day experience compared with the Launch.

      It feels much improved. Like, it's still missing key features like a kick function for idiots in match-made games, but Nightmare is a good level of challenge now, and the balance on Veteran is really good. They've added the ability to "unbolt" attachments from guns…

      Don't get me wrong, I sunk like 1000 hours in to L4D & L4D2, and didn't enjoy B4B at launch, but I'd encourage you to give it another go if you only played at launch and haven't revisited it recently.

      It definitely needs a versus campaign mode though… that was the best bit of L4D.

  • Can we confirm what trade value EB are giving? Do we think these can be considered in the trade 2 deals?

    • I traded this in recently and I believe they gave me like $22?

  • +

  • +2

    played for 30 mins on gamepass and uninstalled.

  • +1

    It's no left 4 dead, but I played it via gamepass on PC and it is a pretty good game to just relax.

  • All im saying is JBHIFI price match at $10 voucher. Might be worth it for $9?

    • It's $49 on JB, so it would be $39 with the voucher

      • Can't you ask for a price match? Making it $19 before voucher

        • +1

          It's worth a shot, but they might not price match if the price is too low

          • -1

            @FDA2020: i dont understand their price match policy if they refuse to pm something that is 'too low' a bit scummy. but its worth to try

    • would rather wait for another game tbh

      • I would of grabbed it if there was couch co-op but i'm shocked the game doesn't have it.

  • I think it will be part of future PS Plus Essential or Extra.

  • It's actually a great game. I play regularly. You just need to work out the game and get some cards working for your play style. Not the sort of game you can play once and expect to be awesome…. Besides this is only cheap now as you need to also buy the expansion.

  • Thanks, ordered one.
    I already play this game a lot in gamepass for PC and got all cards. Guess time to grind from 0 again.

  • Honestly the randoms that join the lobby online are literally worse than BOTS. You just get people who have no idea what they are doing and its so damn frustrating

    The game isn't too bad. Its just the people that join will ruin your experience on nightmare

  • Free on game pass ultimate

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