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Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition 946ml $2.30 @ Woolworths


Noticed this in one of the 1/2 price pages - was $4.60, now $2.30.

See this page for more comments on if you might like it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585052

Noting previous RRP was $4 (1/2 price in previous deal was $2) but that's inflation for ya.

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    Goes on sale every month or two. On the sweeter side for oat milk but good at half price.

    • Ah, didn't realise - first time I've seen it while browsing the specials section online. Thanks for the info :)

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    My usual go to is the Vitasoy Oat Milky which was down to $2:30 from $2:70 last week. This one sounds like a good deal especially if coffee approved. Stocking up with long shelf life! Bloody beauty mate

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    How does this fair against oatly/alternative milk co/califia farms? (I’m a stereotypical oat milk drinker that’s steams their milk)

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      For me, this was the same as other not so good oat milks. Had that unpleasant after taste after steaming (I only go to max 60 degree milk temp too), it's hard to explain it but if you've tried various oat milks I'm sure you've experienced what I'm talking about.

      Alternative dairy co barista oat and milk lab have been the only decent oat milks I've tried, and I've tried what I feel is basicially every option available on the market in Aus. This includes when going to a Cafe, you can see what oat milk they use and for me consistently the only good ones have been alternative milk co and milk labs.

      I only buy the alternative dairy co oat milk now, unfortunately its rarely on sale. Obviously this is only my own personal preference though, although my family and friends who drink oat milk also have the same opinion

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        I second this. I tried this once, but it's not suitable for (home) barista use, or I failed miserably :)

        In Melb, the standard these days is Minor Figures (made local) which is OK or Alternative Dairy, some also use milk lab. FWIW I prefer soy, Bon Soy, can't beat the texture/thickness.

        TL;DR Mediocre imported barista oat milk

    • Just as good as minor figures and oatly,

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    Aside from using for coffee, this is the best tasting oat milk I’ve tried. It has a lovely thickness/viscosity to it that I haven’t noticed with other brands, like Minor Figures, etc.

    That being said, the ingredients list doesn’t state what percentage of oats they use. Is it high? Is it low? Also, there’s canola oil in there. How much is in there in order to get the viscosity up?

    Not sure, but I do like the taste when drinking as plain milk.

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