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84% off Ugg Classic Mini Button Swarovski Boots - $44.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ OZWEAR UGG via Westfield Direct


Feel warm & fuzzy with heaps of styles and special prices at OZWEAR UGG at Westfield Direct.

These Ugg Classic Mini Button Swarovski boots are a fashion forward take on the traditional classic, featuring an updated design, styling and fit.

84% off while stocks last - just $44.50 per pair! As the weather starts to get colder, this is the perfect time - and perfect price - to get a brand new cosy pair of Uggs!

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    84% off while stocks last - just $44.50 per pair

    You're claiming these once sold for $278….


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      Likely were for sale for $278 selling 0 pairs

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      They're also made in China, not Australia. Not knocking Chinese stuff or Chinese sheepskin boots but I'd prefer Australian made sheepskin boots.

      'OZWEAR UGG is an Australian owned and operated company based in beautiful Sydney, New South Wales. Our products are manufactured in state of the art factories located in China.'

      • "state of the art"

  • seems small sizes only, no EU43 for men

    i have a pair of Australian shepherd ugg boots made in china but they have non slip sole vs Australian made which are as slippery as hell …..waiting till they do a deal again this year ….aldi had australian shepherd a few weeks ago but sold out on the day for $49 …… last year was ozbargain via ebay …..

    i also,like to buy australian but if a feature (non slip) isn’t there what can you do, buy an inferior product …..asked the australian manufacturer why no non slip sole, no reply …….

    these look to have a great sole BUT no size eu43 ……

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