Brilliant Basics Kettle 1.7L White - KE7542 $4 (C&C) @ BIG W (Excludes NSW & WA)


On clearance, down from $7.50. Seems to be $8 full price.

Seems to be $4 Aus wide, apart from NSW ($7.50) & WA ($6.40). There are a fair amount of stores with stock in SA & VIC, but not many in QLD from a quick look.

Some more reviews also on their eBay store if you are looking.

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea at ease with the Brilliant Basics Kettle. This no-fuss kettle features a 1.7L capacity, an on/off indicator light and an automatic switch off.

1.7L capacity
Water level indicator
Automatic switch off

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    My price says $6.40

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      Ah thanks, looks like some states are higher price, I'll go through them all and update now.

      Edit: WA is $6.40, NSW $7.50.

      • All good no worries :)

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    BigW r Statists!

  • He's thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?

  • I'm In WA still showing $7.50

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    Showed $7.50 for me and when I entered postcode for CC it went down to $4, in VIC.

  • Some reviews also on their eBay store( if you are looking.

    Link in OP goes back to the bigw listing. I think you mean these useless reviews.

    • Thanks, fixed link now.

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    I find these plastic Kettles always have a weird smell. I prefer stainless steel.

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      Of course they are. Imagine those toxin from the plastic slowly released into your water as a result of repeated heating up, The older the kettle the smellier it gets and the more plastic toxins seeping out.

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        I think it's the other way round. The most plastic is released when it's new and there's a lot of volatile stuff still in the new material. I would fill it up and let it sit for a day or two, so the water can soak up most of the stuff that's initially released.

  • seems to be a kettle

  • The important question does it have an exposed element? Concealed elements (which pretty much all kettles have) are louder and keep getting louder.

    • Cleaner though isn't it?

      • I don't think so. No limescale build up on the bottom.

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