Samsung 256GB PRO Plus Micro SD Memory Card $61.18 Delivered @ Amazon AU


My Samsung A8 tablet has finally been shipped by Optus and coming on Monday so was hunting a SD card. Note this price is for the one which is shipped and sold by Amazon…

There are cheaper options (~$53) if you check the other options but they are 3rd party sellers and not sure if anyone has had any experience buying from them (Sunwood-AU and Technology Titans)?

Nevertheless, $61.18 is still a good price! Lowest offered via Amazon was $56 a few months ago.

Read & write speeds up to 160MB/s & 120MB/s, respectively
Includes Full-Size SD Adapter

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Both third party sellers have >95% rating with over 1.3k in reviews. I would say you can trust them as long as it’s shipped by Amazon

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      Err no you can't.

      If you actually clicked on Technology Titans, you'll see in the past 30 days they have 33% negative feedback. With comments like

      Order the product twice and defective both times. On the back of the box, it literally says Invalid Serial Number (Not for Sale)…

      Geez fills you with confidence.
      They're no different to random eBay sellers. Amazon shipping makes no difference to whether it's legit or not. It's like saying you can trust an eBay seller because they use AusPost.

  • Did you get the 64GB model?

    • Yeh 64gb one

  • Nice work Op finding a legit seller.

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    Why do you need such an expensive SD with a lower end tablet? I hope you didn't buy it just because it's Samsung? (kinda like the awfully priced Nintendo variants).

    You could get 400gb Sandisk around this price.

    Also, Rule 1 on Amazon, don't trust 3rd party sellers with Micro SD Cards

  • Can't speak for "Technology Titans", but Sunwood AU are legit. It's shipped by Amazon AU, and it's $8 cheaper. Anyone that's not willing to take that miniscule risk needs to hand in their Ozbargain badge.

    • Would prefer to pay slightly less to decrease chances of buying fake micro sd cards. Tears wont bring back my data.

      • How does paying less decrease the chances of getting fake microsd cards? Genuinely interested.

        • Sorry, mistyped. Meaning to say ^would prefer paying more to decrease chances of getting fake micro sd card*

  • I ordered one from Technology Titans recently which appeared to be a fake with speeds topping out at 84MB/s so it was returned to Amazon.

    I would be reluctant to purchase again through Amazon even if it is shipped and sold by Amazon due to stock commingling.

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    It was $53.25 yesterday, I was thinking buy one for my new drone.

    All of the below stores are Samsung authorized retailers, you can find on the Samsung official website

    mware selling for $64.99

    scorptec selling for $69

    rosmancomputers selling for $64

    OW selling for $88

    Contact your local JB asking for price match, and use the $10 perk, better deal than Amazon.

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      Is $7.18 in savings worth the cost of petrol + your time in driving to and from a JB Hi-fi and having to convince some teenager that "rosmancomputers" is legit?

  • How is this in comparison to SanDisk extreme pro cards? I am looking for a GoPro

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