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Free - 12 Months Access to Service & Repair Documentation @ Tesla


Since most Ozbargainers own a Tesla or two then why not save a few bucks and do your own service/repair?


  • Service Manual, Parts Manual, and Body Repair
  • Tooling Catalog and Wiring Diagrams
  • Service Bulletins
  • Labor Codes and Times

To redeem -

1) create an account
2) select you’re from UK (or any other European countries)
3) select account type as individual.
4) enjoy 12 months access to the documentation.

If you’re really adventurous, you could probably use the guides to build your own Tesla.

Credit to mydealz.

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  • +16

    Not really. most of us own high yield investment

    • +3

      Otherwise known as a house. Any house

      • +16


        • +10

          The highest yield investment of them all

          • @tharlow: The question is how to sell the lego? Where to find the buyers?

            • +2

              @htc: I would never sell my LEGO. But I’ll rent it out if the price is right

            • @htc: True. I tried to sell lots of the kids Lego sets - all pieces, excellent condition etc, but didn’t get any interest.

            • +4

              @htc: Take some HD pics and sell your NFTs

        • On a serious note.. do you buy/sell lego¿

      • +3

        Land near the airport, water rights, special drought envoy, soon to be unelected govt minister cum banking/mining/lobby group executive.

        • +2

          I totally get when you’re coming from. It’s where you’re going that puzzles me

        • +3

          How much money is in government minister cum banking?

          • +5

            @Tacooo: What happens in the Parliamentary Prayer Room, stays in the Parliamentary Prayer Room, including the stains.

          • @Tacooo: Loads.

    • +1

      If you bought a model 3 a year ago you could be selling it at a tidy profit right now.

      • +5

        I would but then I'd be stuck without a car for at least 9mths

        • +7

          12* months

      • has the model 3 price gone up?

        • +3

          Yes, the new car price has gone up plus the delivery wait has increased to about 9-12mths,
          If you have one you can sell it second hand for more than it costs new but the only catch is you'll be left without a car.

          • +2

            @JTTheMan: yes, you cannot have your Tesla and sell it too.

    • CryptoBro.. it's gunna bounce back!

    • +2

      $5 Menulog Vouchers

    • +1


      Im rich ma, im rich.

  • +

  • +8

    I've hacked mine using a cheap raspberry pi running Car Assistant. Now the only repairs that my Tesla needs is swapping the eneloops once a week.

    • Ever tried hooking a Raspberry Pi up to a Tesla Powerwall? That baby really cooks!

    • +3

      Mine has a MrFusion machine in the back, where I feed general garbage.

      • What is General Garbage doing in the back? And why are you feeding them?

        So take me away, I don't mind
        But you better promise me, I'll be back in time

  • +4

    Wouldnt you void the warranty by servicing it yourself?

    • +1

      Yeah might be a ploy by Elon to reneg on warranties covered by getting you to mess around on your own.

      • +1

        and we know that Elon would rather get serviced by someone else, even if they don't want to do it.

        • +1

          He will but buy you a horse

    • +6

      This manual is just for the Doomsday Preppers. For everyone else, there’s Mastercard

      • Comment of the day

  • I only have couple of rockets, and a Toyota.

    • +1

      It’s a little-known fact that Mr Squiggle drives a Toyota

  • -1

    If they own a Tesla then they are not ozbargainer. If they own two, definitely belong to ozauction.

    • +3

      It’s just a car. In the same way that OzBargain is just a deal website

    • +2

      No way. To afford a BEV you need to dumpster dive first for your weekly shopping then OzBargain the rest.

    • +41

      And an apostrophe. Living the dream.

      • +14

        They mean they have 3 Tesla’s manuals

        • +3

          How do you know the person is a they, might be he or she :)

  • +1

    I have a camry

    • +3

      A self-deriding car. Winning!

      • +1

        Dont understand…

        • +1

          It is like cheap convertibles are for hair dressers kind of joke.

          • @netjock: Exactly! And they’re not funny either

      • +2

        Thats a Volvo.

        • +1

          Not entirely sure about that… I’ve heard that Volvos have a very high opinion of themselves. It’s everybody else that’s the problem

      • +1

        Did they pay for the SDC option? ;P

  • +3

    Finally a freebie I don't need

    • +1

      Until someone abandons a Tesla in your driveway… then you’re going to wish you could figure out how to turn it on

  • +3

    So much negative stuff coming to light against Elon, stock has taken a beating. Might be a good time to buy if you're a believer and willing to hold long term

    • +7

      By “long term” I assume you mean overnight? Or are you thinking a whole weekend?!

    • What exactly, sorry? I’m clearly not up to date with all the dramas, would appreciate an ozb update 👍

    • +1

      Explains why he is recruiting a hardcore litigation team for Tesla. It is on Twitter if you want to check it out.

    • Stock or car ?

  • +3

    Beautiful! All I need now is a Tesla

    • hahhaa i was going to write same :)

  • +2

    Thanks. Now I own a Tesla….service & repair booklet.

  • +2

    Thought there'd be a Haynes manual based on the Tesla

  • Why not send out a tweet, rather than post here

    • Nice shot at diplomacy

  • Can fix Elon flashing flight attendants?

    • They prob don’t get paid enough, so use the rich person to flash themselves.

  • +15

    "If you’re really adventurous, you could probably use the guides to build your own Tesla."

    Just be sure to keep the body panels misaligned and gaps inconsistent for that genuine Tesla factory fit and finish.

    • If you’re really adventurous

      I upgraded my dash unit myself (youtube video etc) so that I can spend more years to wait for a cheaper electric car.

  • Is it true Tesla will come up with a cheaper model under 30k in the next year or so? Edit, just googled, that would be on hold due to semi conducted crisis. Is any ozbargainer waiting for that before switching to electric?

    • +2

      Was that USD 30k? That translates to almost $50k here by the time taxes are added.

      If you can do it now, don't wait for something that will be delayed over and over. For less than $50k you'll get a BYD Atto3 or MG ZS EV. Wait time for both just a few months.

      If you can't swing $45k or so now, what choice do you have? Second hand import Leafs are in the $30k range, but with the non-cooled batteries I would stay well clear of anything Leaf…

      • under 25k usd, so about 32k Aud, + tax may be under 40k. Hopefully after a couple years there will be more electric charging stations and there will be more competitors. I was planning to switch to hybrid toyota corolla for about 30k but decided to go to electric completely if I wait a couple or few more years.

        • +2

          Great decision! A hybrid would just put anther ICE on our roads for over a decade. Keeping what you have now and then going full EV in a few years is the much better option.

          Let's hope these times of shortages pass. So hard to predict.

          Most likely the first EV to get close to $30k brand new will be a BYD though.

          • @team teri: Let's hope so, the amount of money I spend on fuel almost convinced me to go public transport. The problem with hybrid is it doesn't save much fuel if you drive say 100k/h on highway? Although I heard from someone who drove to a regional place, usually probably take a couple of tanks of fuel but took less than 1 tank when they drove a hybrid, not sure how that work.

          • @team teri: There is K23 EV hatchback will be sold in USA for about 30k AUD by the end of this year.

            • +1

              @htc: I was thinking of the Dolphin/EA1

              BYD is ahead in battery technology. I'd be weary of any Chinese import that doesn't use a well known battery supplier. MG gets batteries from CATL, in the same league as BYD.

              • @team teri: I started to do some more research, even Warren Buffet invested in BYD.

              • +1

                @team teri: Nice, just read the article in the link you provided. I am now more excited about Dolphin hitting the market. Keeping my petrol car for now is the best option even though it feels like burning money with petrol.

  • I was a bit worried about my recent crypto losses so im very grateful you posted this deal!

    By redirecting the money that I would usually spend on servicing my 5 Telsas into dogecoins I can be a multimillionaire again soon.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I am building my own Telsa.
    /misspelled as advised by my attorney

    • +2

      When in high school, I remembered seeing some classmate drew nike on a white cap. No attorney was involved but plenty of peer pressure prevented more cases appearing.

      • +1

        Sounds like a work colleague of mine who used to wear a "genuine" leather-look jacket.

        • Thank you for your interest in Telsa ;) I forgot to mention that my attorney is a nine year old tween who suggested that name :)

  • So how much does it cost after 12 months ?

  • +3

    Can you download these manuals for future reference? I currently drive a Camry but am hoping to upgrade to a Tesla in the next 10 years lol.

  • I have a Model 3. I couldn't see how to select Australia, instead I chose the UK. It appeared to accept any address I typed. I signed up for the individual subscription and have access to all the manuals for each car in the range.
    The manuals look comprehensive and complete.

    • +3

      Did you even read the instructions?

      select you’re from UK

  • Most of us own a whattt?

  • +1

    Service? On my Tesla? What is this, the 20th century?

  • +1

    Just voted to become the 100th voter, thanks Dealbot!

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      Gave you a + to be the first to upvote your comment.

      • +1

        @MS Paint Have a + from me, so that i can be the first to upvote your vote.
        Edit: i was beaten by @htc

        • Have a + for trying at least

          • @MS Paint: Did you choose your username after ms paint became popular on ozbargain discussion forum?

  • Thanks op, been waiting for this

  • Tesla Service & Repair Documentation

    Has anyone had first hand experience with this documentation?

    Is it useful?
    As in: "could a non-mechanic person use it to achieve successful mods/repairs/service"?

    Asking because some other car sources are cryptic and overly complex, requiring specialized tools and equipment to do virtually anything.
    erWin for VW comes to mind.

  • -1

    I was keen on Tesla until I read far too much about Musk’s values, recently. Now, they’re close to the bottom of my EV list. Pretty much like Murdoch as a valid news source.

  • Thanks.

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