[VIC] Weighted Blanket - Juvenile $14.97 @ Costco, Docklands (Membership Required)


Saw this at Docklands Costco and thought it might interest some people might be interested in this. I do not know what the original prices were.

They also had a few of this light if you want to be able to light up a decent sized space. This was over $100, at one point. It will need an electrician to install .


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    Are these official Juvi blankets?

  • What's the weighted blanket compared to normal?

    • I think the weighted ones are heavier

    • It is cheaper but I don’t know how much cheaper. The .97 indicates they aren’t getting any more of them so they are clearing them out. They tend to be cheaper than normal.

    • These are for a 23-30kg person ie. a child. Needs to weigh roughly 10% of your body weight. Most weighted blankets are 6.8kg.

  • The fact that those lights don't come with a plug and flex makes it a hard pass from me.

    • They are designed to be installed directly.

      • And when they fail in a few years, you will have to get a sparkly to effectively change a light globe for you. I no longer get any led light fitting if it is hardwired. Plug and flex only.

        • Yeah, I can see the point. You might be able to get a sparkie to put on a plug and flex.

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