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5 Free Online Courses - CPR/First Aid, Basic Life Support, Cardiac Life Support + More @ National Health Care Provider Solutions


Just saw this on Facebook, Looks like it's still current. Discount applies at checkout.

  • ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • BLS - Basic Life Support
  • CPR - AED & First Aid
  • BBP - Bloodborne Pathogens

Thanks to TA for the original post

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    Does anyone know if this certificate valid for the nursing students as well?

    • +2

      No as there is no hands on component

    • Nursing students won't typically require these certificates as it's content already taught in their course. However good knowledge to consolidate on!

      • +1

        Do nursing students get taught ACLS/ PALS as part of their training

        Wouldn't that be for advanced trainees?

        • +1

          Oh not ACLS/PALS afaik. I was mainly talking about BLS/CPR

      • Thanks for your input. I can see there is a prerequisite prior to commencement of nursing program

        • No knowledge required to join a nursing course. It would help but the course is taught as if you had no knowledge at all

  • +2

    These are American courses as opposed to the national accredited ones in oz

  • +1

    IMO life support training is not useful without a practical component.

  • Not recognised in Australia

    • +1

      And it’s on fakebook.
      It’s a hard pass from me.

  • Do i need this training if i always carry a AED beside me?

  • +1

    Just curious why it is asking for credit card details?

    • Ignore me it was because i was stupid and putting more than one course in one go

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