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[Android, WearOS] Free SH001 Watch Face for WearOS @ Google Play Store


A decent looking watch face that is on sale atm…

The SH001 Electronic is a Digital watch face for Wear OS by Shards.
Shards is the perfect choice of watch faces for Wear OS smartwatches. Analog, digital, hybrid watch faces for your watch.

Watch face installation notes on smart watch:
Phone app serves only as a placeholder to make it easier to install & find the watch face on your Wear OS watch. You have to select your watch device from the install dropdown menu

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  • +10

    You can find countless free watches like this on the store or the 3rd party app "Facer"

    • +1

      It has many options and themes… I couldn't find one that is closer to this which offer options

      • +3

        Tbh the deal seems to have helped a few people out judging by the upvotes, good job. I'll stick to my fall out pipboy watchface that's been my daily for years haha

    • +9

      Countelss times I've clicked on a deal only to find better deals in the comments. That's what I love about ozbargain

      • +2

        You also gotta love when the deal has expired and a good Samaritan posts where you can replicate the deal in the comments.

  • +1

    Is it on sale or is it free? Big difference.

    • Technically both since it normally costs money but is discounted 100%

  • Can I install this watch face on Samsung Active Watch 2

    • +1

      Wear os only

  • Might as well try it to find a use for my Fossil smartwatch which I haven't otherwise found a use for.

  • +1

    Love this watch face OP, much better than the standard face that came on my TicWatch E3, which I also got for free thanks to an OzB deal! :)

  • Whole subreddit on deals like this for those interested

  • +3

    Nothing beats PujieBlack imo.. the integration with Tasker allows me to control my home automation (Home Assistant) directly from the watch face. I feel like freaking James Bond when I unlock my front door from my watch.

    • Love tasker

    • I have a Galaxy watch and Google home devices. You have my attention! Very curious what you're talking about here..

      Sounds like I need 'tasker'?

  • Phone app serves only as a placeholder - but you still need it right? Just confusing.

  • Any recommendations on which Wear OS watches strike a good balance between price and quality?

    • +2

      Galaxy watch 4 for <200 from market place

  • -1

    Hey, this watch face comes preinstalled on my $30 Casio.

  • +1

    I'm struggling on the buy-expensive-tech-watch-make-it-look-old-and-shit thing

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