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[VIC] Papillon Roquefort Cheese 125g $2.50 ($20/kg) @ Boccaccio Supa IGA (Balwyn)

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  • Don't know the cheese, but I love that store!

  • Nice! I live in Balwyn and that cheese is amazing….

    Thanks OP!

  • Looks mouldy.

    • +1

      The best type of cheese!

      • -1

        No thanks.

  • +4

    An absolute bargain and I highly recommend the uninitiated give this a try. Close your eyes, place a small amount on your tongue, roll it over your tongue for an absolute sensory delight, savour the flavours and in your own time swallow. For best result get your tongue ready with a dry wine to clear your palate.

  • Unbelievable price for what it's without a doubt the greatest of all cheeses. Shame I'm not in Victoria otherwise I would snap up a ton of this.

  • Cheaper than in France!

  • King of cheeses?

    Danish Havarti would like to have a word.

  • Papillon

    Gives me butterflies.

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